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“But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings an soar like eagles, they run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag back.” Isaiah 40:31 (The Message)

It was the early ’70’s and I had been in hospital for almost 6 weeks when God spoke through this verse to me. The medical prognosis wasn’t brilliant and this verse brought real hope. In every medical crisis since, and there have been a ‘few,’ God has reminded me of this promise. I am still on a learning curve of waiting and once again He has brought this verse back to Ian and I in our calling to go to Latvia.

In Latvian the word Ergli (the place where we are moving in Latvia) means eagle and nearby is the highest point in Latvia. At this time we have yet to see an eagle in the area but we assume they must be about hence the name Ergli. Stop the press, just in . . . we have heard from Joanna (our friend in Ergli) that she and Ian have seen eagles in the area, a good report.

On a more personal note: our maturity (age) makes this word from the Lord even more crucial. We aren’t runners in the physical sense but believe God is calling us afresh to run with Him further into the mystery of who He is and who we are in Him. The key is “Those who wait upon God,” we are being called to wait on God for His plans, His strategy with a focus on being rather than doing. Those who know me know this is the tag line to my life, doing can only come out of being in God’s economy. We see a growing tendancy in Christian agencies; whether churches, missions, or other groups, to frenetic activity. It would seem that the example Jesus set of doing “ONLY WHAT HE SEES HIS FATHER DOING”  has been lost in our understanding of what it means to ‘serve God.’  Why did Jesus so often at the height of ministry leave for a solitary place? (See Mark 1:30-38 Jesus kept his focus through his time spent in prayer to the Father. He looked to see where God was at work and joined him in it. He had his father’s eyes. Today we need to come away often to gain God’s perspective so we can ‘see’ where he is at work and become part of that work.  Often in the past I have allowed myself to be driven by the need to do apart from the reality of God at work. So over the last several years he has called me to wait and sometimes I hear and heed, this is one of those times.

As we share now publically, God’s call to Latvia, the initial responses tend to fall into 3 categories. The first is their perceived loss of us and our ministry. Now this is, in a reverse way, encouraging. We take it to mean that we have had an impact through previous times of God working through us and in us. The second is amazed support and encouragement. They are excited for us and looking forward to the whole process for us. The third is a mixture of the two. Usually, expressed by first amazement and then sorrow at our leaving.

As God began revealing His plan for us to go to Latvia, we initially kept quiet until we heard him say this can now be shared. When we  returned in September we wanted to broadcast the news but again God orchestrated a ‘wait.’ Then last Thursday evening we were able to have a meal with our Vicar, his wife and a couple who are close friends. We had prayed much for this meeting and even prepared pictures. It went well, they were shocked but responded with faith that God was indeed at work in this way.

In the carpark outside the resturant I cheekily reminded Mike, our Vicar, of our church motto and vision, “Build Us Up, Send Us Out.” He responded, “I’m changing that next week.” Much laughter followed and we left that gathering knowing we would be blessed and supported in our obedience.

A few weeks later at a Staff Meeting many questions and concerns came to light and since that time until now at the end of December, we have chosen to remain rather quiet about our obedience to our call to Latvia. We continue to receive assurance from the Lord that we are on the right track as we obey each step. We are now speaking openly about our move and receiving great support. On the 7th Ian flies out to Ergli to work on our flat with Ian Storie. Ian and Joanna have purchased a flat for us and we will be renting from them.

We have now been living in Ergli for one month and we have seen eagles ourselves through our kitchen window, even.  We have run, walked and soared as we have worked on settling in and encouraging those we meet along the way. Our times here are wonderful and even though we live in a physical muddle with much remaining to be done on our flat we see confirmation each day that this is indeed God’s place for us. I think that for many we left behind they are still waiting for confirmation that this was really of God but that remains between them and God, we just keep watching to see where God is working and then join him in it. Currently, that means the lambing season at a nearby Christian camp. Also here in our building as we struggle to learn the language so we can speak with our neighbours. So the journey continues as we follow where He leads.


Posted 13/10/2008 by ergliangel45

2 responses to “Where eagles soar in Ergli

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  1. I do love the way you write.

    Pandora (Alias Alice)

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