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Have you read any of Jan Karon’s books. They are delightful reading yet not soppy. Her characters draw you in and the scene’s she paints rival the masters. She writes from a full heart that has known doubts and sorrows. Father Tim comes to us as a single Episcopal priest in a North Carolina mountain town. Nothing is revealed too early but you wonder as you meet the town through his eyes. ‘TImothy Kavanaugh how you do exude grace!’ It isn’t all cream teas and jumbe sales, no, far from it. There is Dooley the sullen teenager whose mother is an alcholic and abandoned all her children, Dooley who is in Father Tim’s heart before either of them know it. Then a new neighbour moves into the yellow house and spruces up the neighbourhood. The meeting of the ‘boys’ at the Main Street Grill and Emma’s aspect as Fr. Tim’s secretary, along with Punie’s minstrations as housekeeper. Each person has his/her own charms and peculiuar characteristics. You can’t help caring about each one, trying to remember who they are in your own life.

Go on dip your toe in, you know you want to. Start with At Home in Mitford. Then there are 7 books to follow before you can start the new Father Tim series. Well I must go and prepare Intercessions for Sunday, enjoy the town of Mitford and say “hey” for me.


Posted 08/08/2008 by ergliangel45

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