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Hello, Again and Happy New Year, 2014   12 comments


Christmas was put away (only the decorations) on Monday the 6th and some changes were made in the decor for a fresh perspective. Some friends gave me the lovely blue and white Royal Copenhagen candles that inspired the  mantle arrangement. I enjoy looking around the house at what we have that can bring change and a new look. I am not very creative but I sometimes pretend that I am and I love to try things to see if they settle with my heart.

Ian and I continue to engage with the reality of aging and wonder some days, where our energy and motivation went. Ian spends part of each day caring for his chickens and turkeys.

009 010 011 013 014A couple of the chicken types like to roost in the barn window and the cockerel crows whenever he thinks someone might be looking at him.

007 008It is encouraging to hear the roosters crow through out the day. It was really funny when they were little and learning to crow, they sounded a bit crow-challenged. We can’t hear them unless we are outside so they don’t bother anyone, that we know of, at least.

Lass and Saulite continue to thrive especially in our mild winter weather.

001 002You see Lass in her guard position or actually just the local gossip watching to see what the neighbors are doing. Saulite is focused on the interior and anyone whom she can charm to  let her in. I just checked the forecast and it may snow tonight, tomorrow and through the weekend. The furry children may not be too pleased with that.

A few other things I/we have moved or changed.

004 005The top picture shows the change in our living room suite. We have a nice previously owned shop in Bouska and we found a 3 piece suite with sofa, love seat and arm chair for a very reasonable price. It wasn’t a whim but the need for more seating than our Ikea pieces were providing.

The next picture shows the new position of my desk under the stairs where the saddle used to sit. The saddle now has its own place, not being shared with the organ. Maybe next time there will be a picture of that area.

Our daily lives are rather quiet with most of our socializing done on line. We remain in the waiting mode for God’s next door to open for us here in Stelpe or beyond. Our current call to encourage remains in place and we are hoping to reach out with the abundance of eggs we currently are harvesting. It may have eggs-septional results. On that “strong” note I will close until the next inspiration hits.

006My 3 year old orchid flowering abundantly for the 4th or 5th time.


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