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Mr. Darcy has been my companion for about seven years. He has now found his way into my husband’s heart as well. When he came to me as a rescue cat his name was “George” but I looked at him and knew with his elegant demeanor he was “Mr. Darcy” tall, dark and handsome. He avoids laps but will sit close on the arm of a chair or sofa. He invites himself to meals by sitting at the table in an empty chair.
He is in charge of the household and we are his servants, make no mistake about that.

Now comes the hard part, Mr. Darcy may not be able to go with us to Latvia. He has a heart murmur and at around ten years old may not be able to make the transisition. So we face finding him a home. A home with no children and no other pets. You see he is rather particular about his enviornment and prefers to be the only cat (human) in the home. He has been loosing weight recently and we fear for his health so an even harder decision may be at hand. We will post any changes or decisions as they occur.

Mr. Darcy has two possibilities of homes with friends but both have another cat in residence.  He also needs to visit the vet to have his teeth checked he claws at his mouth at times and may have a root remaining from the fang he lost this past year. He was most happy not to have any Christmas decorations to contend with this year due to all the packing boxes.

The latest event in his life is that we are arranging a visit to a friends home with Mr. Darcy to see how he responds  with their Milo, another black cat. This should happen in the next few days.

Mr. Darcy officially has a new home that he will go to on Monday, 5  January 2009.  The visit was a success and his new family is looking forward to welcoming him. The resident cat, Milo isn’t bothered and neither is Mr. Darcy at this point. Adjustments will be needed and we hope will go smoothly. Hopefully a picture of his new ‘parents’ will be posted soon. Currentlly he is quite clingy as the boxes pile up and we are spoiling him more than usual. We plan to go and visit a few times before we move in March.  If it proves to be not too unsettling for him. He is a wonderful companion and important part of our family. We will miss him but he is going to a wonderful home where he will be inlcuded in their family and his spoiling will continue.

I visited  Mr Darcy today in his new home and he welcomed me with no ill feelings because  he is well  settled in his new home. It was lovely to see him, pet him and hear him purr. He is a very happy cat and though I still miss him terribly I am so glad he has such a loving  wonderful  home.


Posted 18/08/2008 by ergliangel45

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