Kalnozoli 1, Down on the Farm   Leave a comment

Happy Farmer Ian at Kalnozoli 1In August of 2009 God opened a new door and chapter to our lives in Latvia. We thought, as did many, that Ergli was to be our final stopping point on earth. But our God is full of surprises and joy. Back in the 1950’s Ian trained for farming at Plumpton Agricultural College. He then spent time working on farms, managing some, owning a small holding and being a contract shepherd responsible for 20,000 sheep. All this came crashing down when he injured his back requiring surgery and was told he could no longer shear sheep or wrestle them about. He changed careers many times in the ensuing years ending with owning a care home, shepherding the elderly in much the same way he shepherded sheep, watching over them carefully. He then spent 8 years caring 24/7 for his aging father until Dad’s condition worsened to the point Ian could no longer provide all the care he needed. As Dad went first into hospital and then a care home I came into Ian’s life and together our journey along God’s pathways began.

Right from the beginning God was the centre of our relationship and He moved quickly opening doors almost before we got there. This has become a hallmark of God’s working in our lives. When doors were shut in St. Leonard’s God moved in mere months to lay before us Latvia and again doors opened quickly for us to go, even selling our flat in a bad market but not until the last possible minute.

We were led to Ergli and we thought as did others this was our stopping point but then came the farm and now God is moving us on again. Most are very excited for us, joining our joy in seeing Ian in a position of being able to farm again and perhaps have a few sheep. What of the waiting and listening bit? It continues on a daily basis discerning what we are seeing, looking for God’s perspective but daily doing what He puts in front of us. Encouraging each one we meet and learning to live in the wisdom of tenderness moving in the joint themes of adoption and redemption. Please join us as we journey on.


Posted 22/09/2009 by ergliangel45

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