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First time in an Anglican Church

First time in an Anglican Church

An American in England. Reflections and responses. Dreams and desires. A place to share the path where God is leading. I am an ordinary woman being encouraged by an extrodinary God. I have lived in England for 11 1/2 years, the last two and a half years in a happy marriage to Ian and we live near the sea in Southeast England.  Recently, our hearts have been warmed with God’s presence in Latvia, especially Ergli, and so we wait upon Him.  As we wait we pray the prayer that never fails, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen” You are welcome to wait with me and see what I get up to in the mean time.

As of the first of September 2008 we are moving to Latvia in the new year. God has called us to “go, wait, listen and encourage.” We are going as encouragers operating outside of the traditional role or terms as “missionaries.” God is sending us, we are not being ‘sent’ by a church or organisation. We are not ‘targeting’ the people groups of Latvia but going to live with and encourage waiting for those opportunities to give an answer to those who ask for the hope within us. This understanding is not meant to disparage those who are sent as missionaries, it is meant to acknowledge that our God works outside of the tidy boxes we often create for him.

We have now been living in Latvia since March, 2009. Though we though Ergli would be our final stopping place, God had another plan. In August of 2009 we had an open door to purchase a small farm near Varaklani about 60 miles from Ergli. Initially, we thought it was to be a summer residence but again God directed us to move here permanently. So we live on Kalnozoli 1. At the moment we are housed in a mobile home and learning how to winterize such a dwelling.

Our current project is rebuilding the chapel that existed on the farm and was protected from Soviet distruction by the former owner’s Father. We have talked about calling the chapel, The Shepherd’s Chapel. We hope in the new year, 2010 to rebuild the timber farm house and enjoy a bit warmer place to live. The long term plan is to have a small flock of sheep, hoping to influence and teach others how to properly care and maintain a flock of sheep. My husband, Ian has training and lots of experience as a shepherd. He has spent a good amount of his time, here in Latvia, working with 2 farms that have sheep. At 71 he is thrilled to have the potential to, once again, have his own sheep.

I invite you to subscribe to this blog and follow our progress as we follow the Good Shepherd.


Posted 06/08/2008 by ergliangel45

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  1. Hoi Kathleen

    I’ve stopped using Facebook, but hope to keep up to date with you through your blogs.

    God bless


  2. Hello, Your blog is interesting, informative, entertaining and inspiring. I happened on to it through mutual friends the Chrapowicki’s. I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to updates. God bless you.

    • Hello Karen and welcome. We are pleased you have joined us. Alex joined today also and I am so thankful he is telling others about us. What a blessing. We appreciate your presence and your prayers, so much.
      Blessings, Kathleen and Ian


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