A Frosty Walk in the Silence   9 comments


A silent year has passed and good intentions have paved a road. This is now 2016 and I make no commitments regarding this blog. This is a reflection on me not on you as a reader. It is more about aging and energy than lack of caring.

As we strolled into 2016 I wondered if there was a word for me to own for this year. Immediately, a very familiar word blazed across my thoughts. HOPE!!!! Oh, how I need that word. These past 3 years the reality has been one of deep grief. A friend recently encouraged me to write, no holds barred, about grief, my personal experience with blatant honesty. Grief in my case is about a living reality of loss, loss of health. The exercise opened a glimmer of freedom reminding me that  hope like faith is centered in a person. Like the old hymn says, “My hope is  built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.” The numbness of grief has exacted a toll turning my theology and daily experience into Swiss Cheese without any true “holeyness” in sight. Grief knows no prescribed time frame or ordered process regardless of what has been purported by “experts.” What I have learned is that grief yearns for presence. Caring people who will come without prescriptions,  parables or platitudes.

Having been a positive person throughout my life I trust that I will learn that my hope, centered in Jesus will include the reality of grief. Not, as some have suggested, a shoving away, ignoring,  pretending or claiming grief’s absence. All of this aimed at making others feel comfortable at the expense of true healing.


Here sitthe two girls snuggled if not relaxed. Lass continually herds Saulite and watches over her much to her chagrin. Saulite tolerates but avoids Lass as much as possible. Lass, like many humans, is convinced she is correct and fails to be put off.  Saulite was a mature cat when Lass arrived and is convinced she is the wise one. Even so, they make a cute picture.

Back to hope. What will the developed picture look like?



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9 responses to “A Frosty Walk in the Silence

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  1. Like a blanket of snow that covers the land, grief layers the heart. It is part of a season. The snow beckons with stillness and crystal beauty. The blanket skews the vision of the land. If not respectfully handled, it can become dangerous if overwhelmed by it. The land underneath will be changed by that layer of snow for quite some time, long after the snow has melted. That too is part of a season. Underneath the blanket, in due season, life will spring again.

    Never be ashamed or hesitant to keep the heart alive. Use the gift God has given you to thrive until the blanket of snow is no more.

    • Yes, I used to see grief as a season but no more. It is a part of my life and defines me daily. It demands attention and moves toward understanding that deepens as the days go by. Spring and hope become synonymous a realty I view from afar.

  2. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Courage, a deft pen, and the resolve, wit, and expressiveness which cuts to the heart, leaving theology and those things we thought we knew about God in the wake. What is left? Excited to see the direction of this intimate adventure! I am always buoyed by your writing dear one. Always!

  3. thank you for sharing, despite all that you have experienced in 2015, I still see the positive Kathleen that I know and love. Hope for me will be everything that I love and hold dear but perfected in the Lord and though we can only imagine, our imaginations still fall far sure of all the God has promised. Write as you are able dear friend and know that those of us who are far from you love and pray for you daily. I do miss seeing you In person but so grateful for the technology that does keep us connected even if only virtually. I for one am finding gratitude for winter, as I have begun to learn to slow and not to feel guilty because I have. Continue to rest in the Lord dear friend and keep your heart focused on Him.

  4. What a blessing you are to me! You continue to encourage, motivate, and point me in the direction of the One who is our hope. I pray for you, and I am thankful that God has allowed you to “press on” in using the gift He has given you. Romans 8:37-39 came to me as I read your words. God bless you. Hugs, Karen

  5. I can only echo the others who have commented – it is lovely, lovely to see into your heart through your words. I don’t know that earthly time will give us physical togetherness…whether it comes “virtually” here or eternally on the other side, I can’t wait to sit with you and talk over scones & alfajores (an Argentine cookie) Write when you can & I will read!

    • I too, hope for a time of sitting and sharing either side. Thank you, ‘Lish for your encouragement.


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