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Birch Tree

Yes we are now feathering another nest. We have moved from Kalnozoli (Oak Hill) to Birch Street in a village near Bauska southeast of Riga.

It was a hard decision to make but it became clear that Ian could no longer do all the heavy lifting and carrying needed for bringing in the hay. He had a bad spell while doing that in July and we began to talk about how to make adjustments to our lives. Ian said he felt God had given him three good years of doing what he loved, sheep farming. He realized that to continue would put his health in danger and while we both still had some strength left we should move.

Initially, we thought to make the change next Spring, 2013. God seemed to have a different plan. We shared our concerns with our friends Roger and Val. They have been worried about us for some time and welcomed the idea of us moving near them. In fact everyone we shared with expressed the same worry and were glad we had made this decision.

As we looked for houses one seemed to stand out. We went to see it, a neighbor of Val and Roger is related to the owner and got the keys to show it to us. Though it was a bit untidy from the former renters we saw the potential and arranged to meet the owner on the first of September at the house. It turns out she is a sister in Christ and believed God sent us as an answer to prayer. What a loving Father to provide for all of us in this way. So Spring plans turned into Autumn plans and the move began.

God provided a large covered trailer for us, at no cost, by our dear friend, Levi. We managed in about ten days to get the bulk moved and with Roger and Val’s help we are in and close to being sorted. Much remains for fine tuning but we are happily liveable. I am going to swallow my ‘house proud’ self and show you pictures.

Stairs to 3 bedrooms and potential i/2 bath

The breakfast nook (room for my fussy English friends) Those doors are to a grand shelved storage cupboard.

Living room with Ian’s project on the IKEA coffee table and no new covers on the sofa and chair, yet.

Ian looking out our kitchen window, the door at he end is our walk in storage cupboard. All small kitchen appliances are stored here, hurray!

I have not shown the bedrooms though I may do so in the next post. Our bedroom is large enough to do ballroom dancing in. even furnished. Haven’t done it yet but Ian is very good at the two step so may try it.

Our lives are different and we are once again waiting, listening and encouraging as we see where God might involve us here in the     village. We have managed to change our address with  immigration, register with a new doctor, connect very well with our new Internet provider, the electric company and hopefully soon find out how to get the readings and billing sorted with the water company Oh yes, and of course sort out the banks. A few more of those things yet to do. No desire to move again, please Lord. Next post I will talk about the work Ian has done outside.

On a final note you may wonder where our sheep have gone. We gave the bulk of our flock to a dear friend who is getting her own farm up and going. We will get some lambs for the freezer over the next two years in exchange. We are hoping for a rental of the farm leading to ownership by a young friend of ours with the farm. God is in control and we wait His movement. We have loaned our farm machinery to the same people with our sheep. We still have items to move from the farm but the bulk is done. That was a special time, sometimes hard but we learned much and were blessed. It is nice to have wood fired central heating and generous space around us plus the nearness of good friends. We hope you will continue to stay with us: Ian, Kathleen, Saulite and Lass on our new adventure including landscaping, village life and FISHING, in the nearby river.






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7 responses to “From One Tree to Another

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  1. God is always on the move, yet He never changes. And in the process, sometimes He moves us along with Him, changing us in ways we never anticipated.

  2. Glad you are safe and well. Liz

  3. So glad to get a glimpse of your new life. Truly amazing how God continues to move us just when we think we are settled. Every move I believe is to prepare us for our final glorious place in Eternity with HIm. Though still a work in progress your new place looks like a lovely place to continue to minister perhaps at a more leisurely pace. Blessings to you both in this new place. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Peters
    • Elizabeth, thank you for you kind thoughts. Life is always an adventure with God and when He calls He supplies, for certain.

  4. Hello! How are you? Hope you are both fine. Hope one day we can see each other.Love Alan and Maria.May our dear Lord bless you both!

    Alan and Maria Cooper

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