We along with the earth exhale a collective sigh. We are warmer and rejoicing over the welcome placards of Spring.

A neighbor visits

The storks are back and daily visiting for meals. God has been doing watercolors and the fields are now much greener.

A gift from Andris and his mom, our neighbors down the road a bit.

We had a lovely Easter. Hope you did as well. By the way, the cake was delicious.

Church decoration Easter

We went to church at the Baptist Church in Madona and then out for a bit of lunch.


Of course with Spring comes the usual increase of work. Ground must be tilled and the continuing jobs of restoring and renewing the land, making it truly our home.

We moved the greenhouse to a more southern exposure and with that began to centralize our fruit bushes and trees. The required beds needed digging and then planting, so all hands to the pump, as they say.

Transplanted strawberry bed.


On the right you can see our transplanted strawberry bed. We will add another one later but we must move a large pile of logs first. Always something.



Rose bed gets a new fence

Of course some things need additions this year as we have energetic animals about. This bed next to the house needed protection as it was becoming a through street for dog and cat travel. It also received a gift from the sheep of a soil enriching nature. We are seeing spring bulbs poking through here so the feeding must have been helpful to them, too.

Bistro set


The bistro set is in place, let the outdoor season begin. In the future there will be flowers here both in the pots and on the table. We will eventually add a deck along the side and across the front but pennies are lacking this year. So we make pretty what we have and are thankful.


St. George's Day is honored


Today as I write this it is the 23rd of April, St. George’s Day. We fly the flag and promote conversations. We now have plans for three flag poles to be placed behind the rose garden near the chapel. There we will fly Latvian, English and American flags on the appropriate days. Probably the Latvian flag will fly constantly. Keeping up with their flag honoring days is quite a task as there are several. This new land remembers many sad days as well as good days. On July 4 the Latvian flag is flown to remember Latvia’s Holocaust and of course the American flag flies to remember her birthday. No English flag will fly that day, hmm wonder why?


Waiting for my master who left me behind, oh woe is me


Lass is growing, can you tell? She is a bit sad in this picture as Ian has gone off in the car and left her. There was no room as he was taking the neighbors into the village. Isn’t she pretty, though?


"You can't see me"

I see you now










"Don't you think this basket fits me well?"


She took comfort climbing into the kindling basket but she won’t be able to do that for very long as she continues to grow.


We have no sheep or turkey pictures today but we are happy to report we have  18 eggs from two turkey hens with more expected from the second hen. We are starting to clear the area for their yard and one fence post is ready as is the hole for it to be put up. If we get the pasture fencing up by the end of the week the sheep should make lovely pictures for the next blog.

The bum end of the deal


Okay a few sheep even lambs. So cute, I couldn’t resist.





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  1. Loved all the photos! Yes, this is such a busy time. Lass is growing, & she is beautiful, tell her I said so 🙂 As always, I enjoyed your blog so much. Take care.

    • Thanks Karen, I will tell her. She seems to love hearing how beautiful she is but doesn’t seem to be spoiled by the hearing. He he he It was more of a picture essay than usual glad you enjoyed it, that encourages me to keep plodding on.

  2. Lovely, lovely! You are bringing such beauty to the world thru your farming and your blogging. Thanks for including me!

    • Thank you ‘Lish for taking the time to read AND comment. Glad to share beauty always with you.

  3. Thank you for the pictures and update!! Lass is beautiful and love seeing how you are restoring the land to greater usefulness!!

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