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Have tractor will move house

After two years and three winters we are finally getting our plans in place for ordering the areas around our out buildings. We decided that the greenhouse would be better placed on the south side of the pump house in line with the wood shed. It is closer to the electrics and water so we can start plants earlier in the Spring. It opened up a greater vista from our living room and also makes it easier to see what the animals are doing.

This is Ian’s most recent project. He has long wanted to make a proper barn yard. So we bit the bullet and bought some vinyl covered wire. Ian used the timbers we have from the old house and put up strong posts attaching the wire, making a decent sized yard. In this picture he is taking down the old fence. There is still much to clear up but since this picture he has done piles of clearing and burning. Always more to do, of course. He plans to erect a shelter, something called a Sussex hovel, a place for the animals to go if the weather turns bad and they are out in the field. They have their shed but that is kept closed during the day to protect the hay and fodder beet stored there for winter feeding. The goats, especially the kids, think it is fair game now. They haven’t learned to observe the industrious ant, lol.

Ian has put up a double gate between the pastures and the barnyard so it really is an enclosed area. Since these pictures he has also strengthened the fence placing horizontal poles at a height that the sheep like to rub against. The wire is not that strong, not like proper sheep netting. The goats were the first to explore the new area, they always are the leaders in that sense. Eventually all the timbers will be used to build the shelter and as poles for the turkey run. Though the weather has remained relatively mild it appears to be changing. A few days of rain, a few flakes of snow, colder temperatures and more snow predicted for next week.

The rain gave some friends, we hadn’t seen in a couple of years, an opportunity to come for some afternoon tea and a catch up time. It was a good time for a visit as I had been doing the big Christmas clean. I even managed to get the windows washed inside and out. That won’t happen again until Spring. Having done that really motivated me to get on even to rearranging the office with Ian’s help of course.

The new look office

Finally proper wall decor

Ian kindly brought in the bookcases that have been hunkered down in the barn. I did bring in a few books but there are crates of them still out there. It is wonderful to have my desk put together properly as designed by Ikea. We still have bookcases that are destined for the living room when we get the area under the windows completed.

I also placed another bookcase in the porch room to be Ian’s ‘set down’ area and also to hold the wild bird seed. He now has a place for his tools that need charging and they are at last out of the living room, hooray!

Christmas Countdown

Ian very kindly climbed up into the roof storage and brought down the Christmas decoration bins, last Friday. On Wednesday I started the process. Last Christmas, if you remember, we had a poor Christmas showing. It was not even worth taking pictures. We were without our car and snow prevented even getting down the field to cut a tree. We are doing much better this year. See what you think.

After much consternation we finally found the nativity scene. It was my fault for not seeing it in one of the bins labelled Christmas Decorations. Poor Ian had to sort through the roof storage area again, look above the work shop and we both went to the barn looking through every box. The blessing was, we found the tree stand. This set was one his parents bought in the Holy Land and it is very unique. We have a cow with a ‘new’ wooden leg to replace the old wooden leg that some how was broken. When the set was returned from having been borrowed a few years back the baby Jesus was missing so we use a Bosnian straw baby. Quite appropriate, we think.

The scene is arranged with a wooden cross that spells JESUS in the background. We remember that the baby whose birth we are celebrating was born to die giving the greatest gift, the way to God available for all who choose to come to Him.

Mary, Joseph and Jesus with the cross

This is in the are above the wood stove. I saw this statue in a shop in Halesowen my last Christmas there, before I married Ian. Etched at its base is ‘Silent Night, Holy Night.’ It is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Its beginning to look at lot like Christmas

This shows a few new things added this year. The pillows add a festive look to the old couch also the garland above the windows. I would prefer ‘real’ garland but that is not practical nor safe but the effect is still good, I think. We will get the fresh scent when we put the tree in place. That will be covered in the next blog, hopefully. The blue pots contain Spring bulbs that may bloom by Christmas.

A Chrsitmas Reflection

Another garland, one I’ve had for years. Since there appears to be no holly in Latvia at least we have this bit of jolly ol’ England. The little carolers are so sweet and dollar store purchases from America.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Finally, the stocking are in place. Wonder if they will be filled. I think we need to get Saulite a bigger stocking, I don’t think I can write her name on this little thing.

We have much more to do, the chapel will have Christmas lights including an angel. We just need to get some hanging gadgets, the non-technical term, so we can put them in place. They will remain in place as we are too old to take them down and put them up each year. We hope the display will bring joy to all who pass by, as well as our neighbors.

How is Christmas developing at your house?


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