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Family together again for a moment

I had a lovely hiatus in the states seeing family and friends. Each meeting, however was tinged with sadness as Ian couldn’t be with us. This is the downside of having a farm and animals that need daily care.

Each gathering began with, “We wish Ian was here.” Thank God, truly,  for modern communication networks. Ian and I were able to talk often and post pictures to each other with our activities. Our reunion has been sweet and we continue to enjoy each other perhaps even more than before the absence. For us, the old maxim is true, our hearts are fonder.

This beauty was meant to be shared but perhaps another time we will enjoy it together.

room with a view

Even though I had this

room on my own with this

spectacular view I used the

time well, spending it with

my Heavenly Father. He is

teaching me much of His


Since I have returned home I have been enjoying the sights and experiences of  all the many projects Ian accomplished while I was away.

This tree is one of my favorites and Ian captured it so I wouldn’t miss its


Ian made the marrow/ginger jam pictured here, can’t wait to taste it. He is so talented.

The 'Gas House'

Ian built this cute and very practical housing for our propane bottles, giving them protection from the winter elements. Notice the fine craftsmanship as the siding of the ‘Gas House’ lines up with the siding on the end of the house. I will publish an updated picture, hopefully today of the completed housing showing the double doors in place.

This picture represents hours of hard work. A lovely pile of oak logs in the wood shed. Many  more hours of work are needed to finish filling the shed for winter, but Ian perseveres.

Tile backing for wood stove

Though this project is out of actual order, this is where the wood blesses us with warmth. The stove is not new but the wall and tile behind it are and comprise the most recent project. Ian removed the shelving unit from the wall and put up sheet rock for strength, protection and improvement. We had the dark blue tile left over from the kitchen walls and found the lighter blue tiles (with a dark blue line swirling pattern) at our local building supply. Oh my, were they inexpensive and then we were inspired to create the pattern you see, including the angled top corners. Today we hope to get some thick plain wallpaper to cover the rest of the wall and then more pictures will follow, of course.

Office entrance, 'Watch your step!'

For some time entering the office was done at peril to falling through the floor. Above you see why, the floor was dying. The same was true in the kitchen, the entry hallway and our bedroom. Only the bedroom awaits repair.

Our beautiful kitchen floor, Saulite approves

Dining area, hoping to recover seats soon

New hallway flooring

Entry hallway taken from repaired office floor





















So now we walk safely on our gorgeous new floors. We have enough flooring left to do the toilet room and the shower room. Eventually the office will be done with wood or lino. When we finish with the wall area in the living room we will move out of the bedroom so that the floor can be repaired and re-carpeted. Good projects for cold winter days.

In addition to all of this Ian fenced the whole of our grasslands allowing the sheep and goats access to all the pastures. He also plowed a troublesome area of the bottom pasture leveling it and preparing it for possible use as a large sweet corn patch next year. He was not totally alone during my absence. Saulite was his constant companion and ‘helper?’


Here she is craving attention by hogging the computer, ready to help with outside projects and finding comfort on ‘Daddy’s’ lap.


Finally, I would just like to say thank you to my Oregon hosts, Brian and Katy. They are family, fun and fabulous. A special mention goes to their precious pets, Gunther ( a dog with more energy, love and sense than most humans) and of course Miss Maggie, a cat who knows her rightful place; in charge of us all.

Brian and Katy Hosts Extrodinare


4 responses to “Absence Makes . . . . .?

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  1. I’m so happy that you had a beautiful time away and a safe journey home. WOW! Ian has indeed been working away in your absence. God bless you both, a lovely couple to look up to.

    • Thank you Debbie.God’s favor is so powerful and has brought such joy during this time. Our reunion has been sweet. I am glad God’s loveliness comes through us. Praise His Name!

  2. Glad you had a good time! And it is great that Saulite was able to keep Ian company – but I know both of them missed you very much 😉
    Glad that Ian managed to get a lot of things done before the winter set in! Bless you both!

  3. Belinda, thank you for your comments. They are both treating me like royalty 😉 I hope it continues. I missed them very much as well.


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