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On Friday, 02/09/2011 we entered the modern world with a fully working flush toilet in our home. The days of a chem toilet are behind us, we hope. Ian worked so hard in putting in the cement retainers and digging the ditches for pipes, laying them and connecting it all in place, but we are good to ‘go.’ We praise God for giving him the strength and fortitude to keep on keeping on though he was ‘knackered’ at the end of most of those days.

The chem toilet will reside in Ian’s workshop for use and available to any who choose to tent on the farm. More needs doing in our toilet room. I want to paint it all a nice cream and add more blue touches to match the rug. The rug was recently uncovered in one of our packing boxes. It still had its tags attached, all new and ready to grace the floor, keeping bare feet warm on a nighttime visit.

When we removed the chem toilet we now have free access to the wash bowl in our shower room. What a joy to clean and prepare both rooms for the freedom of using each as they were intended. I still need to scrub down the shower stall as our well water stains it a ‘lovely’ rust color but that is a never ending battle. Now on with sorting out winter/summer clothes.

Yesterday we were blessed to go to church in Madona. Our friends, Dan and Katy have returned from the family farm in Oregon and Dan spoke in the service. They even had some of the songs in both English and Latvian. Katy brings such holy energy in leading the music worship, it was a real joy. An extra blessing was having communion at the close of the service. We felt special as several of the congregation approached us at the end of the service with the greeting ‘God Bless You’ spoken in English. We need to learn to say it in Latvian to encourage them. Dan and Katy share the same type of cross cultural marriage as Ian and I. Dan and I are both from Oregon, while Katy and Ian are both from England. Here we all are in Latvia, Dan via Russia and me via England. Katy and Dan met in Latvia all amazing stories in God’s kingdom.

After an expensive lunch 1.24 Ls or $2.48 we did a bit of food shopping and drove home in cloudy sunshine. After putting the shopping away, Ian was slicing up the bacon and I was starting this blog when he came rushing into the office asking for the camera. I followed him to the kitchen and looked out the dining area window and here is what we saw.


This bird perch is usually occupied by tits, sparrows or woodpeckers. But yesterday the turkey twins decided they would have their turn.

They are getting quite adventurous. All three love to perch as high as they can get. Shortly after this they flew into a nearby apple tree. We have only recently been letting them out and about again. A few months ago Ian was near the house when he saw our neighbor Nina carrying a dead turkey and crying. Our turkey family had crossed the road and dogs had killed the mom. Ian comforted Nina then rounded up dad and kids shutting them in the shed. We and the turkeys were grieving for some days. When he felt it was time to let them out again they weren’t certain if they wanted to leave their home but now they are on the prowl again, do turkeys prowl? So we have to keep an eye on them.

The next big project is readying the sheep shed for their winter habitat. Scraping and cleaning followed by fresh hay. The lambs are grown so that it is hard to tell the lambs from their mothers. Our ram has been busy and it looks like we might have lambs as early as January.

The garden continues to produce, mainly broccoli and also fodder beet though thin in the rows are growing quite big. Fodder beet is winter food for the livestock. We also have another type of produce.

Any guesses? Our Australian/Latvian friends gave us envelopes of seeds, unmarked and this was from one of those. Pretty aren’t they? Welcome to Autumn on Kalnozoli 1.


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  1. Should we send reading material??

    • Yes, please. I want to fasten a mag/book rack and put in the Friend mags I have saved.

  2. It’s lovely to have your blog going again,, I have missed it,, and Oh,what joy!!! white porcelain,,,,,,, at last,,,,, yeh !!

  3. Unmarked seeds….you two are certainly living the adventure! Love you!!

  4. Your blog is more than interesting, completely inspiring. What an amazing life you live there, teaching others to live their dream–it IS possible! Glory to God!

  5. Thank you Karen. I will come back and read your comment when winter closes in. All Glory to our Lord.

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