‘Tis Said, “Make Hay While the Sun Shines!”   2 comments

So we did. God provided a four day window to mow, turn, bale and store the second and final crop of hay for the year. I have to confess I loaded maybe 4 bales on the trailer but as usual Ian did the complete job. We really appreciate our old baler for the small bales it makes that even I can lift. However she is a fussy girl and often needs special care and adjustments during her time of production. No casting aspersions needed, thank you very much. Just after Ian covered the hay in the trailer a brief rain shower hit but we had the job done. My great personal satisfaction was seeing the bottom of my ironing basket, hurray.








Of course, I must share the ironing board with Saulite and plan my use around her naps. She is not at all spoiled, just loved and respected, ha!  At the moment she must find other places to nap, the board is put away in honor of the empty basket. Having said that a load of whites is washing away in the machine, as I type. Only 4 pieces for ironing, though.

The autumnal weather is here though it is not yet September. For some time we have had mists in the early morning. The temps have been cool in the morning warming up by afternoon and dropping during the night. The sun is up at around 5ish and slips away before 2100 in the evening. The days are pulling their sweaters around them for comfort. I hope one year we will be ready ahead of schedule for Miss Winter’s arrival. Probably not this year but hope remains.

Other joy filled news on the farm. The potato crop is in!

Here is a picture of the empty patch with the farmer’s shadow taking the picture. Next are the bags, though some are already in storage.  I think the final count was 16, 75lb. bags.Here is the happy farmer, remind you of any movies? Maybe, ‘Faith Like Potatoes?’  Last night we brought out the deep fryer and had home grown chips. Nummy, nummy. We planted ‘Andreta’ brand, this year a lovely golden tasty potato.

Also we have put up several large bags of broccoli and several more bags of corn on the cob. The corn is just about finished but the broccoli will probably form several bunches yet. So thankful for our freezers and now that they live in our porch room, just down the hall from our kitchen. The only sad note to our garden crop this year was a blight or critter in our green house destroying our large tomatoes when they are ripe. The cherry toms are going well but the large ones have to be picked at the light red stage and ripened on a window sill. Hey that’s life, on this sin soaked orb we call our temporary home. We long for redemption of body and earth, while we work at redeeming our little plot of land and God continues his redeeming work in us.

The final summer bouquet for the chapel. Oh, how we love this special little building. Here heartfelt prayers and praise are expressed. Here we come away, separate from daily cares and troubles. There is something heavenly about a place where devotion, praise and prayer are the only things shared within its walls. When we share our troubles with God He is free to show us his loving plans and guidance, to help us refocus and gain His perspective. Some how just being in this place gives a troubled heart ease.

How vast the skies, how deep the wild blue yonder appears, how obediently the clouds move at the Creator’s command. How small are the troubles on earth when we focus on high. “When I consider the heavens, the work of your fingers, . . . What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?” Psalm 8

Oh, to KNOW the love of God and resting in that love to please Him. The desire of God that beats within the heart of His children.


2 responses to “‘Tis Said, “Make Hay While the Sun Shines!”

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  1. Your little chapel looks like a place I’d love to spend some time in!

    • It is a lovely place to be. We just bought cable and a heater so we can continue to use it unless the snow gets too deep later.


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