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I think we are headed for a boil, honey

We had a delicious meal of these two stellar cobs and more since then. I do, so love fresh corn on the cob. One of many great benefits of living on a farm. I have been following the blog Holy Experience written by another farmer’s wife in Canada. She has written a best seller about giving thanks for the everyday things we often overlook.

Today it was sitting outside on our little bistro set as the warm summer breeze wafted lovingly around us. The peace and quiet as we talked together and watched the flowers nodding in the hazy sunshine, brought food for this world weary soul. I am thankful for my dear Ian who brings his English wit and humor into our quiet lives, his strength and wisdom never cease to amaze me. It is such a blessing to see him transform this long neglected farm into a place of growth and production. It has been so many years of having to do jobs that did not feed his heart, only to put food on the table. Now he is caring for animals as has always been the core desire of his being. This is what he trained to do so long ago at Plumpton College and did in his early 20’s until an injury stopped his farming. He counts it a special blessing from God to be able to do this again, fulfilling his heart’s desire. I am privileged to watch God work in and through him in this whole endeavor. Yes, we have difficulties, family problems, bills and the weather does not always cooperate but God . . .

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 So many precious promises from out Holy God, the Lord, Jesus Christ. We know the battle has been won for our righteousness on the cross and we rest in Him taking heart from His word. “no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servant of the Lord, an this is their vindication from me, declares the Lord.” Isaiah 54:17

We don’t live perfect lives, as many can confirm, but neither do we live to please others and are willing to be misunderstood as long as we keep Him at the center of all that we are.

So what’s new on the farm?

Sunshine and lino

Here is Ian installing the entry plate in our porch room. We scraped together a few lats and bought some linoleum for our porch room. Oh joy, no more traipsing out in all weathers to the workshop to access the fridge/freezer or the chest freezer.

From one unfinished end to the other. The walls will be finished later but it is well insulated.

Here is the wardrobe turned pantry cupboard in place and the ‘small’ dvd collection in the boxes on the right. The fridge/freezer in place and oh how lovely it is to have it and the chest freezer within our house.

Now we have moved the remainder of the insulation up into the storage loft and have a place to keep our outdoor shoes. Ian found our coat rack and put it up on the unfinished wall and we are a tad tidier. I love the boot jack that Ian made. It works a treat.

On the right you see the chest freezer and I am so thankful for a place to set up the ironing board ready to iron tomorrow. Oh, the cat, Saulite, thinks it is her place but she must share. When I finish then the board has a place to live as does the iron.

Of course no post is complete without flowers. The bouquet on the left sits on the kitchen window. What a joy to have room in the kitchen to work. When we emptied the food storage into the pantry cupboard we had places for things to be stored off the counters. The cupboards are all tidy and even the ones under the sink received new covering and order. There is much more to do but things are looking up.

The glads are from bulbs we planted this year and remind me of the bouquet my mom gave me when my son was born 45 years ago in July. For four years after she gave a bouquet of glads every year on his birthday. Forty years ago, this month she died, it both seems so long ago and yet no so long ago. My roses, glads and lilies remind me of her and her amazing green thumb.

Well, we have other stories to tell but there are other times and days., though no one has the promise of tomorrow.


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  1. blessed to know you. Praying.

  2. Thank you ‘Lish. Always pleased to see you stopped by.

  3. Enjoyed reading your blog. Big job – you did really well. Still would love to come and see you and the farm “for real”. Anything you need from here? Fancy a little package 🙂 ?

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