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The Trellis Rose Garden

Yes, another rose garden. You can never have enough roses. This is lovely right next to the front door. We have some lilies here as well.  I hope to add more star gazer lilies, my favorite, this autumn or next spring. We had them in our wedding and the aroma is heavenly. One day we may actually have a proper garden surrounding the house but I am learning to be thankful for each step and not pine for what is yet to come.

One of Ian’s recent projects was the guttering on the porch side of the house.

Down the spout, now showing

Here he is putting the final touches to the down spout. Love how the green roof and guttering match out little bijou set. It is the little things for this frustrated decorator that encourage. He has the other long side of the house to timber and gutter but grass management and vegetable garden press in over the house priorities.

He works so hard and constantly. We are so thankful for our small holding and so glad it is small. Ian loves to look at the web site SS.LV and dream of having more tools to do the jobs but for the most part it is dreaming as funds are not available. The current search is one of reality not dreaming. While he was mowing the lower and very rough part of our fields the mower blade snapped in two. He is now on a quest for 2 blades to replace, one to put on now and one spare. Customer service is not yet a viable concept here in Latvia and many times the calls made and emails sent garner no reply. We have had one response from a store a few hours from us so we are hoping he can help us. The type mower Ian has is rare and even the store where we bought it did not have replacement blades, so finding a source is critical. Why this type of mower? Ian would need to answer that but he is an experienced farmer and grass land manager and he chooses equipment to fit the needs of the size and type of land we have. The goal with the lower part of our fields is to plow and level it out for better grass production and grazing for our flock. Not to mention walking over the land for him and especially for me, the unbalanced one.

We walked down the field this morning after chapel, something I am trying to do daily to build strength and endurance. Yesterday was special as Ian carried an old bench from a long ago time, down the field to put on the roundel there, so we have a place to sit for conversation and reflection. I’ll try to remember to take the camera so you can see what and where I am talking about. Ian has just gone down there with the tractor and trailer to pick up pieces of wood laying there since who knows when. This is great, more fire wood for winter. He took the strimmer to clear more of the area and tidy things a bit for our conversation/reflection bench. The same bench is used by the goats, especially the kids to climb upon enabling them to reach yummy leaves on the trees. This morning when we arrived, they had knocked the bench over with their exuberant pursuit of the ‘yummy leaves.’ The goats, Nanny and Billy joined us in conversation as we pulled limbs down for them, the adults, to have a nibble.

Animals are central in our lives on the farm. Yesterday as I sat here at my computer looking out the window I heard Ian say, “Look, that cow by herself has just given birth.” He then gave me a husbandry lesson. He said when a cow or most any animal goes off by herself she is about to give birth. We kept watching and saw her reaching down to lick something in the tall grass. Eventually a little black calf arose and went looking for the milk bar. It still amazes me to see the nurture of animals for their young and the quick strength of the young to immediately get what they need. Later it brought a smile to see Mommy and baby resting side by side, I thought, ‘job well done Mother, you should take a rest.’

Here are some other ‘people’ we see quite regularly.

Aren't we a pair?

Quite elegant they are cranes probably summering on nearby Lake Lubana, pronounced ‘Lubon’ by the locals.

The above, is a great link for viewing natural sites in Latvia.

Of course we have our other visitors from down the road.



The storks are still here and comparing the two types of birds, the storks go quietly about their business of eating and teaching the young to fly, while the cranes are very noisy and make their presence well known. The storks do make a sound by clacking their beaks together but they make no sound from their throat, that I have ever heard.



Have you ever moved a ton of concrete without the aid of mechanical help? We did move this one-ton ring from the front pasture to the side of the house with the tractor and trailer but then the hard work began.We needed to position it over the first concrete ring dug into the ground. Ian used a winch and a nearby tree with boards underneath and we both pulled it into position.



Here are two of our neighbors who are taking a break from the digging and bucket emptying process of settling the second ring into position. Ian is watering the edge so it will sink in more deeply. When we were at Uldis’ house on Saturday, the one in red, he heard about our project and came over to see it and volunteered to come and dig. His buddy came along hoping for booze and payment, none was forthcoming. Uldis did the hard work of digging in the clay and Elmars emptied buckets. We need to do the whole process all over again adding  ditches from the house to the first ring and down the field to the second ring. THEN we will have the use of our real flush toilet. Any volunteers? I am praying for a completed project so Ian won’t have to carry  our current chemical toilet outside in the snow and ice for another winter.

So what’s growing on the farm besides roses and lilies?

Will these babies meet EU standards? They taste like  carrots should taste, full of flavor with a hint of sweet. I have several in a box in the fridge and eat one of two with meals and others for snacks.

Ian has sliced several boxes full for the freezer for winter.


I just hope our sweet corn turns out as well as the carrots have this year.

The ears are forming nicely and the stocks are quite sturdy. We planted some popcorn for fun as well. I will be watching the sweet corn development ready to put the pot on to boil before I go out to pick the first ears. There is nothing like fresh picked from the garden sweet corn, picked, shucked and plopped into the already boiling water. That is FRESH.

Watch for further updates on the garden report.

Of course we see our Creator God in all the growth and activity on the farm. Personally, we are focusing on forgiveness. Our own before God and forgiving others whose plans are not to prosper us, but to harm us. We thought we were aware of enemy activity but recently were surprised by his moves. We continue to learn about spiritual warfare and have renewed our focus on the Lord. We hold his promise to our hearts closely, I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and not to harm you.

Also, no weapon formed against you will prosper. We are reminded that we have no righteousness in and of ourselves but we stand before a Holy God clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We can forgive because we are forgiven. May His grace and mercy flood your hearts by the power of His word through His Spirit.






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  1. Everything looks so great! Wish I could visit and join you on the bench or maybe for an ear of corn! 🙂

    • I wish you could to, join us for both. At least we can sit face to face in Sept. so looking forward to that.

  2. Ditto what Shilo said. Have I mentioned lately what an inspiration you are? Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  3. Thanks ‘Lish. It is very cloudy and damp so time for more indoor work for me. Tomorrow is our monthly market in a nearby village. Always a treat. Ah, the simple life, if I would see it that way. =)


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