‘Spring’ Has Sprung   6 comments

Ian with 'Spring' in his arms

Our first lamb born at Kalnozoli Farm. She was born on the 16th of March and Ian discovered her at about 8 pm on that Wednesday. The shepherd says she is of a good size and seems to be adjusting to life very well. Her young mum is very protective of her and is feeding her to ‘full belly’ proportions every day. Spring is quite ‘talkative’ like most of her gender, lol. The other sheep and goats seem to be curious but taking her in their stride. When the next lamb arrives Spring will join the common pen making room for the new baby and mum in the lambing pen.

We may still have a lot of snow on the ground and no signs of flowers or trees budding but our little ‘Spring’ gives us hope. We have been enjoying several days of sunshine and that really lifts our spirits.

Did you miss us in February? The blog writer was busy writing –  – – other things. The farmer-shepherd was continuing to chop wood for our hungry wood stove and those are our reasons/excuses and we are sticking to them!

The plow and plower at work

Again clever Ian creates: a wooden snow plow to be used with the tractor. We do hope at some point to get a blade plow but hey, this works as well. Did I mention we have had a lotta lotta snow this winter? The melt is on at the moment. It is currently 15C/60F  and wonderfully sunny. I would be out in the garden if it wasn’t still covered in snow. Hoping the spring bulbs we planted last autumn come up in late April and May. This year we are putting a flower border on at least  two sides of our vegetable garden. That should please our Latvian neighbors and I will have more flowers to cut for the house. Soon it will be time to start things in the green house, Ian’s favorite haunt in the spring and summer. Oh how I love spring, a new beginning.

Happy Birthday, Kathleen!

Oh, another event in February, I had a birthday, my 66th. I wasn’t feeling very well and being financially challenged we didn’t make a big thing of it. The highlight of the day was Ian went to the village and bought me this lovely cake. Being the joker he is, he entered the house and presented me with a small  ‘cheap’ cake and watched my face fall before breaking into a big grin and bringing the pictured cake out from behind his back. I am pleased to inform all our readers that Ian is still living, by a cat’s whisker. =)

Speaking of the cat’s whisker there she is ensconced in my office on her throne otherwise known as the printer. Miss Saulite has chosen this as her ‘special place’ along with many other places she has claimed as her own, like any ‘Queen’ of merit.  Her latest adventures include cautiously stepping outside on the frozen snow in the blazing sunshine. She has returned to her ‘printer/throne’ and is having a rest after this latest adventure outside.

The 'Writer's' office complete with cat

She is often my companion as I write. She may sneak to the computer when I am away and read my attempts but she never comments. I have joined Faith Writers. This link will take you to the last article I have written there. Caressed By The Father

I have written several articles and met some lovely Christian people there. If you are being prompted to write, as I have been, I would encourage you to check out their site. www.faithwriters.com

I would love to stay and chat but I need lunch and more writing to accomplish.

Finally, issues of faith. We, like all believers have our ups and downs but we continue to believe that God has called us here to bless Ian with farming and now me with writing. We are still operating within His original call to Latvia: “To Go, Wait, Listen and Encourage.” God has called me into deeper study of the word and encouraged me that out of that my writing will flow. Have I been faithful and consistent, in a word ‘no.’ But when I am the praises go up and the blessings come down. He is faithful regardless of our fumbling ways. I have had a great struggle for strength, energy and motivation but when I do take a step of faith He flows through me and together we ‘get on.’ We purchased a new devotional book, “Discovering God’s Daily Agenda” by Henry & Richard Blackaby. “He keeps your heart beating and He has a plan for you.” We continue to have our daily devotions after breakfast as we read through this book and have a prayer time. Sometimes even Miss Saulite joins us.

The Writer's View

Here is the view I see as I look out my office window. Isolation inspires.

Ian is doing well as he approaches his 73rd birthday on 25 March. He has ‘enjoyed’ a few new aches and pains but oh how he soldiers on. He is doing well at resting and taking breaks throughout the day. We often eat our evening meal watching a DVD. Recently we purchased the first set of “As Time Goes By” a BBC series that I first watched in Oregon before I moved to England. I was so disappointed it had finished when I arrived, but now I can watch it repeatedly.

Okay, lunch now demands my attention. See you soon.

Spring and Mum

She was just a few hours old here.


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  1. wonderful surprise, more on the blog,,,,,,about time,, ha ha ha,,,,, we did miss you on here,,,,,,, love the look of the office,,,, so glad spring has arrived at you farm,,,,one very happy bunny you must have, xxxxx

    • Yes, well as I said I have been doing ‘other’ writing. ha ha ha. I will try to post again more often.

  2. So good to hear your news and see pics. The new look is great too! I am looking forward to reading your recent writing!

  3. I just found your blog, and it is so inspiring! Sometimes, in the mad crush of news and busy-ness, I can forget that there are decent, spiritual people in the world. They’re just not on television. I hope your farm goes well, and will hold you in my prayers. You are about my own age, and here you are setting out on a grand adventure. Good job!

    • Hello Lyn and welcome. We are thrilled to have you join us and we so appreciate your prayers. I will be updating in the next few days so stay tuned.


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