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It is still winter in Latvia, she said with tongue firmly planted in her cheek. Today is Friday the 21st of January and we have had another exceptional winter, the most snow for 87 years, so far. We have seen up to 3 feet of snow on the ground with drifts near 4 feet. During the first part of December our beloved Land Rover developed a fuel leak and that put her firmly parked on the drive and meant isolation for us.  The Land Rover dealer is 4 hours away near Riga and our conversations with them produced no results. Friends helped us with trips to buy needed groceries and even bringing us groceries. But getting the right part for the car remained a palaver. Finally in January Ian found a supplier on-line, ordered the part from England and in 5 days (including a weekend) it was here. He had a rough time getting the fuel pump off as it is located unusually in the rear wheel well but glory be he put it and the new filter back on 1 – 2 -3 putting us back on the road again.


Our Christmas was very low-key this year. We didn’t even have a tree as the field was so deep with snow we couldn’t get to the lower land boundary where the Christmas trees grow.


Trees 'flocked' for Christmas

So these became our trees from afar for Christmas. We had already determined that the work done on winterizing the mobile home would be our gift to each other but we couldn’t get out to get even small gifts for the stockings. We did have a visitor for the holidays. Our little friend Lilya came to stay while our friends Val and Roger went off to England for Christmas.

Liliya in the snow, look carefully

We weren’t certain if Saulite the queen of our domain would allow Lilya  freedom of her kingdom or not. Also we were concerned for Lilya because she has always been in charge on her previous visits. Toward the end of the second week they had grown in their toleration of each other.


Two Friends (?)


After Lilya had returned home Saulite kept watching for her but finally relaxed after several days. They were great entertainment to watch as they tried each other out. Lilya, who doesn’t eat many of her biscuits still growled at Saulite if she got too close to the biscuit bowl. Lilya’s other trick was to take one biscuit at a time and put it where she thought she could defend it. As a result we are still finding doggie biscuits here and there. To give Saulite her due, she never ran when Lilya rushed toward her, she stood her ground but never swiped at Lilya, so the ‘battle’ remained friendly. By the end of her stay Lilya had found where we were putting the cat food and began helping herself when she had a clear run at it. After we moved Saulite’s food dishes back down on the floor she would often run to the window ledge where it had been before asking to be fed. Now all has returned to normal until Lilya comes again in March for another visit. She is so cute and a real sweetie except when her food is threatened or she didn’t want to share the our bed with Saulite at night. Saulite showed her displeasure at the intrusion into her kingdom by not showing us much ‘love’  but she has returned to her affectionate ways and all is forgiven.


Lessons Learned

Last night Ian and I celebrated the repair of the hydraulics on the tractor and as we reflected on the past few months Ian shared what he had learned through the hardships of fixing the Land Rover and the tractor. We both struggle with patience and find ourselves expressing frustration more often than we want.  Sound familiar? What Ian did with both repair jobs is work at them until it was time to stop. Now when your time is your own, knowing that stopping point is crucial. Over these months he is learning to discern that point while I  stop  often or don’t even get started. Telling yourself it is OK to stop and continue at another time is becoming the norm and has lessened the displays of temper and frustration. Yesterday on his second day of trying to fit a particularly difficult pipe on the hydraulic system he prayed often for that nat’s whisker of a fit, continually seeking the Lord’s help. Another lesson solidified. In our reflective conversation last night he also shared how he is choosing not to feel let down when God’s timing is not his timing. This is a life long learning but he has experienced growth in this area, so encouraging. He is still one to ‘get on’ with things but is learning to give himself permission to stop, have a cup of tea or stop for the day. We were both encouraged with all that has been gained during these past few months both physically and spiritually.


Finish work on the house is still going forward. Ian has connected all the wires into the fuse box and he has done the connection between the power source and the box for 3 phase coming into the house. He has a few wall sockets to install and then we will have the new electrics all in place. He has also been finishing placing the polystyrene in the porch room and soon will be ready to start putting the sheet rock in place. Wish my kids were here to help, Keith is a trained experienced sheet rock finisher and so is Colleen but she prefers doing hair these days, lol. I have done a bit but it is too far in the distant past to be of any use now.


Today, Ian began sorting and clearing out the spare room so we can put my desk in there. I have begun the discipline of writing and need a separate place to escape on my own without distractions. You might ask what am I writing and what is the purpose? I am writing a continuing story at around 1300 words a day, sometimes less, rarely more. No purpose has developed yet. I am prayerfully considering writing for a weekly story magazine published in the UK. It seems like a good place to start. A few of my kind and brave friends are reading my daily pages and I am trying to get them to give me feedback and a one or two have commented. I have connected with a few authors on line and a faith writing group. So we shall see. I have felt these past months as if I was in a spiritual place of the desert. This place of isolation has born this discipline to write, something God has been prompting me to do for years. So watch this and hopefully other spaces.




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