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The end view

If you were to see our ‘house’ from the road this is the end view that would appear as you passed by. The caravan has disappeared and a house is in its place. As I write it is the 23rd of November the day before American Thanksgiving, a shower has just passed over (been praying) and the guys have roofed the porch and are just starting the rest of the roof with 10.5 meter sheets of metal roofing.

We are in the final phase, we hope, of the outside being done. There remains 2 windows to go in and the weatherboard to finish off one partial length of the caravan. We are waiting on one more window that was missed in the original delivery. It is a window next to the corner where a wood door will replace and existing glass (read: very cold) door. All that must be in place before the weatherboard can go on. I had hoped that we could finish by the beginning of next week but the weather, though not too cold, isn’t quite co-operating.  It has been drizzling today, hard to roof in such weather but they plod on.

Final section awaiting the wood weatherboard

Here is the final section of the caravan to be hidden away forevermore. The door size will be increased and the little side window will be removed to allow for the larger door. Much easier to get the Christmas tree in, lol.

Kitchen side and front

From the kitchen side and front you can see in this view our lovely new windows and the one on the far right that is yet to come. The kitchen window and the centre window on the front are both ’tilt and turn’ windows. They open out fully but also open part way tilting out from the top to let in fresh air. Of course all our new windows are double glazed and already making a difference for keeping the heat in and the cold out, coupled with the insulation and wind proofing we are getting quite snug.

As I say that the rain has come again and it is quite chilly for the guys, they may have to give in for the day.Yesterday, as the rain poured down they finished insulating the porch. Nope, I just heard and watched as another portion of roof was pushed up. I remember hearing Agnis say that once this long section was started it had to be finished because of the way it all fits together and the order that it is secured with screws. Roof technology is not my forte’.

As you read this would you  join us in praying for dryer, colder weather and NO wind to get the roof finished and the guttering in place. Ian is soldiering on but looking very tired these days, they need to finish soon. God has been very gracious to us with the weather. London is at 1C and we are at 5C or 40F, but we would trade a few degrees off the temp for drier weather. The guys have now stopped at a good point and will go to the village for more screws enabling them to work through tomorrow. They are soaked through and very cold. Of course  the normal domestic stuff must go on so Ian has gone back out in the rain to get more wood for the stove but we are so lovely and snug and soon he will be too.

"I am still watching you!"

Miss Saulite continues her job as the supervisor and inspector, always taking the higher place. Here she is before the roof went onto the porch this morning.

Sheep surpervising the unloading of the roofing materials

The sheep and goats are not left out of the whole process. On the left you see them supervising the unloading of the roofing materials. Although I must say, they have not been a great help as they choose, at least once a day, to escape over their fence for perceived freedom. This morning they did it as we were at breakfast. Ian and Agnis went outside, Ian calling them and shaking their feed bucket and Agnis getting the goats to follow. This is building work down on the farm, ha!






First roofing sheets going into place

The roofing process began in the dry weather. Here you see the first sheets going onto the porch roof. Some lady in pink thinks she is helping? lol

Sheet two in place

The second sheet is put in place and ‘pink lady’ is still lending a ‘helping hand?’  The porch is now completely roofed just the guttering to do after the whole roof is in place. There are still a myriad of details to be accomplished outside and we won’t even think about inside for awhile. But the bottom line is WE WILL BE READY, whatever the weather. Having said that I am reminded of the scripture,  “God is our refuge and strength an ever present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1 He saw us through last winter, the worst in 80 years and we had not really prepared for all of that. He has now helped us to do the preparation work but our trust still remains in Him to see us through. On this Thanksgiving eve we are so blessed and thankful for God’s gracious way He has led us this past year. There have been some trials by fire, so to speak, but He has remained faithful and bountiful in provision. Though we won’t be celebrating with a traditional American Thanksgiving feast our hearts are lifted to Him in praise and thanksgiving for not only His blessings but for His presence with us day by day, step by step. Thank you dear friends for following our journey. A blessed Thanksgiving for one and all.

Our precious Thanksgiving Package


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