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Still smiling, just

He isn’t just my husband he is my hero! This dear man has been working many 12 hour days on this project with a man close to half his age. He works in the wind, the rain, the snow and often the cold. The other night he drug himself to bed at around 6:30 pm. What does he say at the end of most days, “We really accomplished a lot.” How does he pray, ” Thank You, LORD for what we accomplished today.”  They don’t make many like him any more. I wish at the end of it all I could fly him away to the Canary Islands for 2 weeks R & R. Near the end he would be itching to get back and “get on,” one of his favourite sayings. Please pray for  God’s grace and strength to continue for him.

So what’s been happening?

Windows, wood, water proofing and wind proofing – not in that order. Now you’re up-to-date! Oh, you wanted pictures. All right then.


Waste pipe from the 'bungalow'

Did I mention waste pipe in my ‘W’ list? The amazing  Ian Langridge has no ‘end’ of talents. (Plumbing humour.)

The 'Princess Boss' Inspects

Above Saulite inspects the work to see if she can approve it, lol. I will be telling you more about her adventures a little later.


Waste pipe to first target


The waste pipe required some serious ditch digging that Ian accomplished with his own shovel, no mechanical assistance was used in the process. Another concrete ring will go on top of this one and then the dirt will be dug out of the bottom one until they are both IN the ground, any volunteers? Thought, not. I know I am bragging  quite a bit about Ian but when you realize that he has had serious back surgery 40+ years ago and he is now 72, 73 in March I am continually amazed at the amount of work he gets through every single day. Now back the the whole building process.



First the framing/ribs


First the framing or ribbing is put in place.


100 mil polystyrene






Next came the insulation 100 mil. polystyrene. You may be able to see places where the foam used to seal it in place is showing. The metal pieces are acting as temporary rain gutters. The framing at the front shows the new square shape that will replace the current rounded front. It will give us a smidge more room in the living room.



Wind proofing

After the insulation is in place a strong but lite woven material is put on to further protect against the cold winds of the Latvian winter. We are so blessed to have a builder who really knows his craft. Agnis stays with us usually 3 days a week working about 12 hours each day. We eat breakfast and the evening meal together and the guys have about 2 tea breaks during the day. Now ladies, here is the challenging part for me, Agnis trained and was employed as a Meat Chef in Riga. I try not to think about that when I am preparing the evening meal. He has brought us mushrooms he picked and put in marinade, frozen strawberries from his own garden and black current concentrate picked from his own bushes. He is a wonderful resource like a library really. We have really enjoyed not only his excellent work but our times of good conversation ’round the table.

Just a word about the water proofing. It is a white material that goes on the roof under the metal tiles. You can see it flapping in the breeze in the picture of the polystyrene. We have had it on the porch for some days and it really does keep all moisture out just by itself.

Now the wood.

First piece of siding, weatherboard

As I sit comfortably at the window the guys get on with it outside in the mud. This is no ordinary mud it is the kind that turns your Wellies into cement blocks.

Wood progress continues


In the middle picture you see the continued transformation of the ‘Black Box.’ This was really thrilling for me as I watched our trailer being turned into a house.

Then came the windows!

Window Delivery

When Agnis talked with the supplier he said the windows would need to be delivered at 6 am Friday morning and the driver would call about  4 am for more specific directions. Poor Agnis. Everyone went to bed very early on Thursday night anticipating this very early delivery. We were up early. Ian at about 4:30. 6 came and went, no windows. Agnis came in for breakfast about 7:30 and said he had no call from the driver. About 8 his phone went, the driver was in Jekobpils an ETA was approx 8:30. Agnis drove out to meet him and here he is arriving with Ian striding toward the van to help unload.

The brave driver pulled into our drive (read mud track).

Ian keeps the tractor parked

near our ‘drive’   for just such situations.


Ian and tractor to the rescue


He hooked onto the back of the van and pulled it straight out, no problems, after it was unloaded of course.

I would have had further pics of the unload but of course the batteries in the camera died at this point. Yet here is the important picture the first window in place.

First window, porch window


The porch window was already framed and waiting, a lovely tilt and turn window. Upon completion my desk will set beneath it and from there I will enjoy a view of our chapel, only in the winter, though. The opening is for the door, can’t wait! But I will.

The next window went into our bedroom.

Bedroom window in place much finish work needed, lol


The inside finishing is yet to come but already we notice the difference. There was a small hitch in the order, one window did not arrive, but it will most likely be here next week. Of course new windows mean new curtains and I am hoping that only sheers will be needed for most of the windows. For the moment a light fleece blanket is in use in the bedroom. The current curtains on all the windows are in sad shape from being stuck to the ice of last winter. Ripped, torn and stained even Scarlett O’Hara would find it impossible to make anything out of them.



So what of the wood progress?

Porch with wood and window in place.

Here you see ‘mud city’ but look up and you see the window and wood transforming our ‘tin can’ into a proper house. Here is the porch end looking all ‘tarted up’ and ready for the party.

The porch 'wooded'

Can you begin to get a feel for what the finished product might look like? I could tell you the roof colour to get a better insight but I am saving that for when it starts to go into place. The theme is rustic farm look, and yes we will treat the wood to keep its natural look. We hope next Spring and Summer to begin to form a garden (yard) around it and put in place a deck for wild parties, lol.

I mentioned some antics that Saulite got up to this past week. Well here she is in fine form hanging out the kitchen window.


Saulite considering her next move

I wish we had pictures of her adventure yesterday. By the way whatever escape route she takes she will encounter MUD!! Remember she has only been and indoor cat until now. Yesterday before the new window went into the bedroom I had it open talking to Ian. She wanted to explore so out on to the very narrow window ledge she delicately went. That was exciting for her but she saw that Ian was standing outside so she thought, ‘why not?’  Down she jumped right into the thick mud. Oh, the consternation on her face as she sat up on her back haunches shaking her front paws to get the gooey stuff off!! She actually did a sort of mud dance on her back feet waving her paws in the air and then shaking her back paws as well. Oh for a video camera at that moment. We laughed till we cried. She went ’round the corner hoping to get out of it but alas to no avail. Ian scooped her up and took her to a somewhat drier place setting her down so she could recover some dignity. When she eventually came in she set immediately to work trying to clean off the offensive outside world remains.

Today she decided to play Sir Edmond Hillary. She still likes being outside and this morning she went out on the porch and found her way up into the roof space surprising Ian by poking her face around the wind proof paper he was putting up on bedroom end of the house. She was up there quite a while and we came in for a tea break, then I played the ‘mommy’ card and went back out for her. She would come to the edge but not come down. Ian got the dry food box and rattled it and she found a way to run down jumping from the poly styrene piled by the back door. Cupboard love works every time. Oh, the adventures of Miss Saulite.

Please pray that the predictions for next weeks weather of sunny and dry come to fruition. God has been really gracious to us in this process even through some painful times of testing and waiting. All the major material needs have come in at good prices with good discounts even so several meals of beans on toast are still in our future, as it looks now. But God . . . . .  is our Jehovah-Jireh and He will provide. Thank you for following us on this particular journey and faithfully praying for us.









4 responses to “Transformation (Winterizing) Continues

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  1. Oh, Silly Kitty!!! Glad she’s keeping you laughing!

    • She is such a delight and we are loving her more each day, thank you both for such a lovely gift.

  2. That’s a LOT of work!

    We have a large village house and I’m starting to think we will have it completed by the time our youngest goes off to college (she’s 6). HA!

    • Well it is nice to have a goal? Yes, the work never seems to have an end in sight on a farm, that is for certain. Bit like our soul transformations, I guess. =)
      I really appreciate your blog, your honesty and transparency. So refreshing and encouraging.


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