Nike Winterizing, JUST DO IT!!!   2 comments

Autumn Skies over Kalnozoli

There is progress even if I don’t make a report every day. =) We hope the weather forecast we heard recently is true, ‘moderate weather until December.’ This week some rain has fallen but always at night, such a blessing. At times you just want it done, and then I regain perspective and remember that building work is at times a slow tedious process of details.

Delightful View!

There are light moments when you glimpse this at your window:

Most days I am still hearing moments of laughter as they faithfully work on, ‘just doing it!’

Roof Line

You can now see our ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’  roof line, so it appears from the front of our home.

Can you see what previously placed item has been extended? No, not the ladder, lol.

Hint: my days revolve around keeping the wood stove going. I really enjoy it, seeing the wood burning and hearing the crackling. Nothing quite so cheerily as a log fire. Even when I get up for a necessity visit in the night I usually come out and feed the fire. Of course the bulk of the work is up to Ian with the chopping, sawing, and carrying in of the wood. My hero!!

The most recent action has centred around the infamous ‘Black Box,’ otherwise known as our porch addition. Along the way we are learning about preparation for the metal roofing. A white membrane has been placed over the porch roof trusses. It is a vapour seal and waterproof lining. Agnis said when he was building his house he left the lining on for 3 months and no water came through so its good. We will not leave our lining for 3 months. It will probably 3 weeks until the roof goes on. It will be special ordered and made down the road in Rezekne. I am hoping to see our windows delivered this week or the first of next week.

The porch moisture vapour covering

Do you like our lighting fixture? Its called ‘builder’s chic.’  With ‘winter time’ in place the daylight goes around 17:00 so light is necessary to let the guys keep working. If I were in charge they would start work at 7 and end at 5 but no one has consulted me and I am holding my peace – – – – ‘Nike, Just Do It!’  Saulite is enjoying the new room more each day.I think it will be ‘her’ room.

Not under the sea

Insulation goes under the floor in the porch. The floor boards are down now and the sense of the room is real. I can visualize my desk sitting under the window, the file drawers to the left and the printer sitting on top with Saulite crouched there sunning herself. Sunning until she wants food and then she will walk back and forth across my laptop keyboard until I give in and feed her. I know this because she does it now when she thinks food is required.


Today’s work is all about finishing touches on the roof framework and maybe just maybe more vapour seal being applied. And so we leave you a final picture of Saulite’s latest catch.


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2 responses to “Nike Winterizing, JUST DO IT!!!

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  1. Aww! Good kitty! I told you she was a mouser! 🙂 It’s all lookin’ good!

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