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Saulite worn out by studying the building book

Saulite continues her rule over every aspect of our lives. Here she has nodded off after studying the Latvian book on home building.

She continues to rule our lives even checking the book to make certain the guys are doing everything correctly, lol.

Framework to change the front of the mobile home

Here is the current state looking at the front of the mobile home. The framework changes the look from the usual bowed front seen on most mobile homes to a straight front with framing for the panorama front windows. The 2 metal pieces are temporary rain gutters keeping the water from puddling on the flat roof.

The Black Box

We now have a black box attached to the whole project. It is a wind proof membrane nailed to the porch framework. We spent a good deal of time in Depot getting wind membrane, electric cable for entire new wiring of the mobile home and another type that  inserts in the plumbing pipes that connect the well to the pump. Also we bought two wood doors; one to put on the porch and the other to replace and enlarge the other door mainly for summer ventilation (and easy access to bring in the Christmas tree, hehehe.) Once again we had a very helpful young man at Depot who helped us find the electric cables, doors, and the heating matt that will warm the tiles on the porch where boots and shoes can dry. We have decided all this work is our Christmas gifts to one another.

You might wonder about our weather and whether the weather has been sunny or bright? Hmmmm .. . . . .. Tuesday the guys endured spitting rain, sometimes down pours add to that a brisk wind and it was rough.  Just when they were ready to quit it would all stop and this appeared. God’s mercies are new every morning, GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS!!!!! Our Creator God, the Master builder, the carpenter from Galilee gives grace when it is most needed.  We don’t take the weather for granted but whenever I am tempted to worry about it He reminds me that He provides, our Jehova-Jireh. Though sunshine is nice we mostly just need dry and not too terribly cold. We have had several moonlit nights with temps staying above freezing, this is encouraging. The reality is we can do naught about the weather but we can trust the One Who can.

Yesterday we trundled off to Varaklani towing Agnis’ trailer to the local timber mill. (Just like on Farm Town, lol.) It was time to buy timber for the roof trusses.  I sat in the car while the guys help load the trailer. God blessed us through the man getting the timber for us, he gave us 6 extra pieces of kiln dried timber, because we need 24 pieces and they come packed with 30, he said, “Oh, just take them.”

As I sat there my attention was drawn to a young woman in her 20’s working nearby. She wore trousers, a beige quilted close-fitting jacket and a woolen hat pulled down over her ears. Behind her was a pile of mill end pieces and in front of her was a conveyor belt rising steeply toward a wood chipper powered by a very old-looking engine. In her hands she held a good-sized shovel that she used to turn and gather the mill ends then toss them onto the conveyor where they trundled up and up finally dropping into the chipper. She turned and tossed, turned and tossed ever so faithfully in the intermittent rain and wind. She was a pleasant-looking woman and I would have loved to give at least a warm smile as she worked but she never looked our way, just faithfully did her job. I imagine she is thankful to have her job in these economically challenged times. Yet, as I watched the male fork lift drivers shunting too and fro in their warm, enclosed machines (they often looked our way and I did give faint smiles) my heart went out to this woman. My thoughts have returned to her several times in the last 24 hours. What a pampered life I have led by comparison. I would like to say I will never complain again about my life or things I need to do, but we all know that just isn’t so.

When we returned with the trailer filled with timber the guys got right back to work .

Porch Roof Rafters

They built 8 roof rafters for the porch and that end of the mobile home. They were very encouraged that it had gone so smoothly as they sat at dinner discussing how they would get them up and in place on the roof.

Here is how they did it.

Donkey work

"Look Ma, no hands"

One, two , three LIFT!!!!!

Ian improvised once again

And now . . . . .

The beams lining up

and on it goes.  . …

The centre beam is put in place and by afternoon’s close they are well away.

Center piece being put in place










So now we see all the porch and porch end of the mobile home’s roof rafters in place.

And still they continue to work into the waning light of the day as they put the final ribbing in place on the remaining side of the home.


Final ribbing put in place


Included in this process is extending the stove-pipe safely above the roof line.

Stay tuned to see what the rest of the roof will look like, I think you will be surprised.









Another of God’s masterpieces in the western sky over Kalnozoli 1, Latvia.









2 responses to “Winterizing Continues

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  1. Oh, it’s looking so good! Praising God that you have been able to continue on and you know my prayers will continue!

    • I can’t express how touched and encouraged we are with your faithful prayers. The weather is pretty much holding and moderate. Thank you so much for walking with us on this journey.


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