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Moon over Miami?


This morning, Saturday, this was the scene out our soon to be replaced windows. Though it is hovering around freezing at night we are happy if the day is dry, as today has been. This week we have had snow, rain, wind and even bits of sunshine. The worst combination is wind and rain as it makes working really tedious. I enjoy hearing Ian and Agnis working most of the time as they laugh a great deal. Agnis is easy-going yet productive as he works. Ian is still a fairly intense worker but perhaps a bit more relaxed.


Ian getting the angle of the roof joist

Yes that is snow as Ian reaches for the sky? Next to him is the first timber in place for the porch addition. This has been the focus for days, 8, 9, and 10. I am dreaming of the day when the porch is finished and I can just walk out there to our fridge/freezer or to the chest freezer. A day when the storage shelves will be in place and my house will regain some order. Dreams are good but the reality will be even better.

Muddy Waters without the singing


This is the bane of my existence at the moment. The boots must be inside so they remain dry and the mud caked on them can also dry and fall off onto the hallway floor. One day the will be lined up, sitting on blue tiles warmed by underfloor heat matting. We bought the matting at Depot yesterday. The tiles we have left over from the flat in Ergli. This matting is only for a specific area where shoes and boots can sit to dry.  The rest of the floor will be lino in a rough barn wood pattern.

You might wonder how often I clean this muddy area the answer is, what’s the point? Lol

I take that philosophy more often these days throughout the whole bloom’n house. =)

Ian on the ladder to success



With a hint of sunshine Ian got out the brush and chemical treatment for the wood.  He coated the whole porch framework.

Framework for the walls done, roof not


Here is the skeleton of our new porch. The timbers on top are not the framework for the roof it will be a pitched roof. A new roof will top the old one of the mobile home.


"Would you like sauce with those ribs?"


On the other side of the house the ribs are shaping up for insulation and weatherboard. When it is done the only thing looking like a trailer will be the long narrow shape but even that will be changed with the porch addition.





A tiskit a taskit a kitty in a basket

Here is Saulite’s take on the whole process. She delights when the wood basket is emptied and she can crawl in for a bit of quiet. She has made fast friends with Agnis and misses him when he goes home for the weekend. She goes into the spare room and sniffs his bedding to comfort herself.  She does love it when the guys are working just outside the window and she can peer out at them. She isn’t too bothered about it all and she has even ventured outside a few times to see what’s being done. She hasn’t shared her opinion of the work but we are certain she will love the finished product, as will we.



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  1. Aww… she must be at home… she always did love sitting in the wood basket. 🙂 She looks good & it sounds like she’s she’s very comfortable, as everything you report is quite familiar. 🙂 Best wishes on finishing your home! 🙂

    • Yes, she seems quite content as long as we keep feeding her on demand. I am easing off a bit on the feeding as she is quite ample. She does have at least one daily run where she tears from one end of the house to the other, lol. Her most favourite trick is settling into Ian’s place on the couch as soon as he gets up,lol. He thinks its quite funny.

  2. Oh, this post put me in the best humor! You are too funny! Thank you for the update!

  3. Good to see things are moving along , it’s starting to take shape now,,,,,,,looking good,,,,,

    • Wait til you see today’s update. At times it seems ever so slow but then all of sudden things take shape. hmmm. . . . . a bit like life, huh?


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