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Freeing the axe.


Continuing on the ‘fire wood’ theme; here Ian is busy freeing the axe that was imbedded in this piece of oak. Oak is wonderful fire wood as it is very dense and so, it is long burning. But it also loves to  ‘eat’ axes, lol.  Of course Ian won the battle using the trusty chain saw. He has 4 basic tools for cutting up the fire wood. The two you see plus a wonderful toothed saw horse and a big blue weighted log splitter/hammer. You can see the big blue monster behind Ian’s boot in the picture above. So looking forward to all those volunteers who will come and help dispatch the wood waiting to be cut and stacked into the wood shed, lol. (Not holding my breath. =)

So now the big news, did Agnis get a good price for the windows at the weekend Home Exhibition? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as the bill arrives today we pay and the windows are about 10 days away. He managed about 200 Lats off the normal price because special prices are offered only during the exhibition time. God’s timing is wonderful even though the waiting has been hard.

How’s the weather you ask, with great concern? This news is not so good. Monday was fairly dry but yesterday, Tuesday, the rains came and today not raining as hard but still wet, wet, wet.


Concreting the footings for the porch


This picture shows the work on the porch footings that happened on Monday. They are still not quite dry enough to allow erecting the porch. Please pray for dry weather. It isn’t horribly cold but with the rain it is miserable working conditions.  Ian and Agnis just trudge on and I watch, pray, make hot drinks and a nourshing supper. We start the day with a hot breakfast, though Agnis chooses to have his own ‘Latvian’ breakfast, yogurt, cheese, tomatoes and black bread. His coffee is regular ground coffee made in the cup with hot water and sugar. Previously he was a ‘meat’ chef in Riga but the hours were very long and the pay was very little. Then he re-trained in building, built his own house and is such a blessing for us, thanks to our friends Val and Roger, who are Agnis’ neighbours.

Day 7


The Great Orange Cement Mixer


You see Ian’s smile, no more hand mixing for this job. The time it took to mix and pour 2 footings on Thursday they were able to do 6 on Monday using this ‘lovely’ mixer. I am certain most of you know you must have sand to add to the concrete mix and our little sand pit was fast becoming depleted. On Tuesday they set off for the sand pit in a nearby village. They were directed to the village council offices where the MIRACLE HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!

When they explained who they were (who Ian was and where he lived) they knew of him and our farm. They said of course you can have sand for FREE!!!!!! The man mentioned that he knew we had rebuilt the old chapel. God’s fingerprints all over this one. Praise His Wonderful Name. So two loads later with Agnis’ trailer the cementing continued albeit, in the rain. Yesterday the guys finally gave in around 5 as the rain was getting to them.

  • Praising for excellent price on windows
  • Praising for free sand and community awareness of restoration
  • Praying for rain to stop and dry to prevail



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4 responses to “Winterizing Days 6 & 7

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  1. great news !!! most encouraging !!
    we may think people don’t notice,,, but they do,!![and talk about us]
    keep letting your light shine xx

  2. You two continue to amaze and encourage. You are such a blessing and testimony to God’s wonderful, unique plan for each of us! Much love from Argentina,

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