Winterizing Days 4 and 5   1 comment

What to do?

Part of getting ready for winter includes getting plenty of wood in for the fire, right? Here in Latvia you would have had next years wood delivered by now.  This gives it a year to cure so that it burns completely with less smoke. The lovely oak sections you see above are from the old rotten tree we had cut down last September, so we are doing well.It is aged but .. . . … . . . . .

Oak waiting to be cut and stacked in the wood shed

Wood pile #2




Wood pile #3

wood pile #4






Wood pile #5

Here is the problem/offer. Any volunteers? Those with chain saws and muscle for carrying and stacking, would be helpful.=) Now the good news: probably stacks 3 through 5 will not need to be done.

Digging for Victory?

This is the work that was happening on day 4 and again today, day 5.

A trench had to be dug around the caravan.”Why” you asked? Stay tuned all will be revealed.






Removing the dirt from the trenches

Ian just keeps on keeping on. He is my hero.

Tomorrow should be a day of rest. He also spent the end of the day splitting wood. He is amazing.



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  1. I so badly want to discuss the work you did with the mobile home. This is exactly what we want to do minus the new porch. You even did the roof the way we want it. We have an older mobile home on our farm and want to add structural support before we add the roof and the steel siding.

    By the way, excellent post on Trump.

    Mary but my husband Robert is doing the work

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