Winterizing Day3 (Thursday)   Leave a comment


'Belly up to the bowl!'


Our new dining arrangements. FOR THE SHEEP, lol. Nothing to do with the winterizing of the mobile home but I love showing off Ian’s creativity.

Day 3 saw our friend and contractor Agnis leave in the afternoon to return on Monday morning.

He will return with his cement mixer in tow, chemicals to finish treating the wood and hopefully news of the double glaze replacement windows.

Did any work happen on Day 3, yes indeed. Despite a storm threatening to blow in here is what they got up to.


Brackets for boards


They drilled holes and attached metal brackets to the trailer for the wood vertical battens. I will say no more about what is to be their role, watch this space.


The Team Colours are still blue


This outside area of the mobile home is the ‘nicest’ area. Here they were out of the wind that was blowing in from the West. But they are intrepid workers and will have to persevere in all types of weather, to get the job done. Please keep praying for dry weather.


Count the brackets, how many battens will be needed?


This work was completed in a rather cool ‘breeze.’

So with Agnis off to buy chemicals and do window deals what happened on Day 4? Tune in tomorrow, same time (early or late), same blogster. Over and out.


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