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Last roses of 2010


Though the vase is now empty and the roses gone the way of all flesh this picture is a reminder of what we have to look forward to next year.

Yesterday was sunny and warm, NOT! We had our first snow on Day 2 of Winterizing, oh well. The guys began the work day coating all the timber and siding with a preservative chemical, only available to professionals like Agnis and only sold one place in all of Latvia, Riga.


Weatherboard waiting to be treated



Agnis treating wood


When they ran out of the chemical they went off to the woodshed and worked on trying to sort out our generator. Also the weather went wonky and snow fell.

Under my covered clothes line sits the insulation  that will go behind the chimney pipe. Do we look like a building site, YES and isn’t it glorious.


Insulation and porch floor boards


This is moments before the snow, a picture of more building materials. One must document it all, musn’t one? lol

After getting the generator started and almost failing to stop it the guys moved on.


An authentic 'man hole'


Here are Ian and Agnis installing the first of 4 rings for our waste water system. After the first meter it was solid clay, not nice, but they did it. Ian was giving Agnis a breather, he likes to do his bit and more. Do you notice the Team Colours are blue? =)

Stay tuned for Thursday, Day 3 of  Winterizing.

I do apologize for the published version of this with the wording and pictures not matching. It is WordPress not me, no, really it is them and not me.



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