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Our beautiful maple tree on an early October day,just for you Valerie, lol.


Lovely picture, isn’t it? Today is 13 October it snowed lightly today as winterizing goes into the second day but that story is for tomorrow’s blog.

On 12 October Agnis, our winterizing contractor and friend arrived mid morning after a 3 hour drive from his home in Stelpe.  After a refreshing cup of coffee he and Ian began the process of installing our wood burning stove to replace the old gas fire.


'Before picture'


On the right is what the are looked like having been stripped of all the decorative items. Soon even the electrics were gone along with part of the wall  and our display shelf but so worth it.

What a shock when removing the wood from around the old gas flu to see how the heat had scorched the wall. Immediately, I thought ‘God has protected us.’


Scorched wall from old gas fire flu.


Now we are warmer and safer. Of course to get the area to the stripped level everything had to go somewhere else. Much of it went on the couches and front window ledge, much to Saulite’s disgust. The window ledge is her territory.

While Agnis was remodeling the fire area Ian was outside removing the gas connection ready to isolate it on the other side of the caravan where the cooker and water heater live.  Then they both moved the file cabinet from in front of the glass door to lift a very heavy cast iron wood stove into the living room. Ian then left his work as a gas fitter to go and cut a piece of steel plating to fit under the stove. Meanwhile Agnis began to measure and cut through the single wall construction of the wall to install the stove-pipe. When the wall and wood were removed we laughed incredulously at the flimsy construction of the caravan. It truly is a tin can. So glad we are turning it into a proper home. Again I gave thanks to God that we survived the worst winter in Latvian history for over 80 years, last winter. Agnis just shook his head at the very idea. Ian was embarrassed that it was built in England. I didn’t brag about American mobile home construction, lol. Then they pressed on.  I went to the bedroom with Saulite so she wouldn’t get more depressed at loosing her ‘things.’ She supervised while I sorted winter from summer clothes, didn’t finish but made a good start.

After Agnis got the stove in place on the steel sheet Ian had cut to size and placed foil enclosed rock wool behind the stove with the stove pipe through the hole to the outside he went outside and put together the chimney pipes.


chimney pipe of new wood stove


Very quickly he was back to say the stove was ready for its first fire. Ian went out and cut wood to the appropriate size 23 cm and Agnis, who builds fireplaces, laid and started the fire.


Agnis and his handiwork, lovely and warm, both


Do you think we should cover the lovely space age look or keep the foil on view, lol? We are talking about putting tile behind the stove. I know exactly what I want and it will probably take me ’til next winter to find it, if I ever do.  Ha, ha. If you see a ‘Mexican’ tile, deep blue with black drip edging, let me know.

Hopefully tomorrow I will give a report on day two.


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  1. Is that roasting chestnuts I can smell????? With the cold weather Jack Frost will be nipping at your nose. Tis grand to see the work progressing.

    • Nope its oak logs on the fire, lol. Jack Frost has already nipped a few times and yes ’tis grand to see work happening, more to follow tomorrow. Did you like my tree?

  2. Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.

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