Miss Saulite’s Great Adventures   3 comments

Saulite alert to everything outdoors

Introducing Sualite (Little Sunshine). She is about 4 years old and originally belonged to Chris and Lydia, former missionaries in Latvia now returned to the states. She has spent all her life living indoors and now she ventures out in the sunshine whenever we prop open the back door. Yesterday she was particularly brave and even crept along to the pump house corner.

She is her own ‘person’ with a delightful personality. I wished I had had the camera to hand this morning when I went to make Ian’s side of the bed, for there she was her sweet little face poking out from under the duvet.

Saulite fully relaxed!

Here she is in one of her fully relaxed poses. She does love a good tummy rub. She began posing this way just a few days after she joined us, so we knew she felt at home.

She often curls up on one end of this love seat as I sit on the other reading or watching a DVD.

She does love her food and always draws attention to her bowl if it remains empty for any  length of time. Unlike the former cat who owned us, the famous Mr.Darcy, Saulite readily drinks from her water bowl and we always give her bottled water as our well water is a bit too fragrant with minerals.

As the nights grow chilly she has joined us, sleeping on  our bed, usually snuggled between us.

She loves the window ledges and  keeps a close eye on happenings on the farm.

Keeping a watchful eye on the farm

Unless she is napping on said window ledge.

The highest accessible site in the houseHere she has attained the highest possible site in the house and enjoying the view of the neighbours cows.

When she first arrived I placed a pillow on the window ledge, thinking she would enjoy a bit of comfort, but she made it clear it wasn’t necessary.

Other events on the farm? We saw a great potato harvest along with a smashing onion gathering.

Kalnozoli Onion Harvest/ reds

Ian sliced some and dices some and we bagged them up for freezing. We kept some back for fresh use. We had some meals of fresh corn on the cob, plenty of beans that went into the freezer and still enjoying tomatoes from the greenhouse. We even grew some spicy peppers, by  mistake and chopped them up, removing the seeds to add to stews and casseroles. OLAY!!

Ian has plowed and rototilled about half of our garden in preparation for winter and next Spring. We are planning for winter prep for the rose bed that continues to bloom.

Ian building the wattle to protect the Roses

In August Ian wove a wattle to protect the roses from the winter South wind which is more lethal than the North wind, usually. We intend to cut them back a bit in October, cover with plant fleece and the mound up peat around them. We filled the open spaces with Spring bulbs and are hoping for success unlike the ones we planted too late last year.

The chapel has all her windows now in place and we continue to have our morning devotions in this precious place.

August and early September saw our sheep shed finished including a sump pump in place to remove the excess water from under the floor. We also have a chicken shed in place awaiting insulation and an inner wall with the chicken run put in place. Having owned the property for one year we have torn down the old timber house; rebuilt the chapel; built a pump/laundry house; rebuilt a workshop; rebuilt the wood shed; built a chicken shed;  put doors on the barn; built a covered clothes line; made hay from all the pasture land, planted and harvested the garden; planted a rose/lily/lavender garden and are now preparing the mobile home for winter. All this along with caring for sheep and goats and a weeks lambing at the camp in Ergli. Oh yes and erecting a green house and using it all summer long. Not bad for two old codgers, what hey?

The lessons are ones of continual learning: to trust when the way seems darkest, to seek Him above all, to not let circumstances dictate attitude, to express gratitude at all times, to pursue God’s perspective and to never ever give up.


3 responses to “Miss Saulite’s Great Adventures

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  1. What a pretty cat! How do you say her name? I love the pic of her sacked out on the couch!
    I am so amazed at how much you guys have accomplished! You are an inspiration!

  2. Hello Kathleen & Ian ,i am so proud of both of you for what you have done out there .You are amazing and you are both in my thoughts & prayers. My kindest regards .Clive

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