“but the Lord was not in the wind …– earthquake—fire– came a gentle whisper.”   2 comments

Just like that!

We had no earthquake and thankfully no fire but I have been listening for the gentle whisper,  just the same. Last Sunday, 08/08 we expereinced a wild storm.  It began with a rushing wind and continued with thunder, lightening and lashing rain. The tree pictured above was one of many that lost the battle of the storm.

3 Fingered Jack?

We felt protected as we lost no trees around our home just a few branches. As we travelled to Riga on Wednesday we saw terrible destruction where the winds had cut a wide swath through nearby forrests. We lost power, of course, from Sunday afternoon until Monday afternoon, then periodically until Tuesday. This was followed by a few days of cooler temps but at the moment our thermometer reads 46C/approx. 102F with humidity at the stifle level. Ian thinks that the tree damage relates to the dryness we have, they are drier than normal and can’t bend with the wind as they usually do. There are wildfires in Russia at the moment even near Moscow. They are experiencing drought. We are fairing some better. We rejoice at each rainfall. Our grass remains a deep verdant green as does those who manage their fields with previous harrowing, mowing and in the end plowing to remove the more persistent weeds.

Currently, in our neighbourhood the main traffic is huge tractors with grain laden trailers going to the corn storage. In Soviet times this was a main corn (grain) growing  region. Now, even admidst the derelict fields are fields of wheat, barely and oats. It cheers the heart to see the land producing.

What are we producing? Lots of involuntary persperation with the humidity, lol. We still have Lauris and Kaspars with us but no longer in the tent that went down in the storm. They have chosen to move to the wood shed.

Shoveling muck out of the trailer from the old cow shed

On the right they are shoveling muck from in the trailer from the old cow shed, that is now the new sheep shed.

Here are the supporting timbers for the new floor in the sheep shed. These came from the old house as does the bulk of any materials we use to build additional farm buildings.

The shed is now complete and here are some pics I ventured into the heat to snap.

This shows a close up view of Ian’s craftmanship making the hay racks out of the little trees that were cut in the ditch clearance. He is so clever and wastes nothing if he can find a use for it.

The sheep and goats were introduced to their new shelter yesterday. Ian spent a great deal of time creating a new paddock/field for them that included access to the shed. This way they could explore it at their disccretion and not experience  being herded or forced into the building. We think they spent the night in the shed probably filling their tummies with some of the nice sweet hay Ian put in the racks to lure them into their new home. It is important to have this shed ready now as in September the wolf kits go into training at night and the sheep are at great risk. We will put them inside and shut the door for their protection every night starting in September. Kaspars and Lauris did a great job with the floor and Ian enjoyed making the three pens and hay racks. Also, we have real drainage problems under this building so Ian had the guys dig a ditch from the centre of the shed, under the door and it ends here, at the moment. The plan is to put a ditch down through the middle of the farmyard. Ian has just installed a sump  pump that will pull the water from under the shed floor and through a  hose pipe down to the field beyond. It now looks like thisThe cement cover was recovered from the old house porch area. So clever this farmer Ian.

I will add to this post tomorrow, hopefully when it is cooler. I have run out of brain energy, lol.


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2 responses to ““but the Lord was not in the wind …– earthquake—fire– came a gentle whisper.”

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  1. My goodness that WAS quite a storm! So thankful that your property was protected by God and His gracious favor!
    I’m sure at times it feels that there is still so much to do on the farm, but as I think back to what a relatively short time you have been there, I am AMAZED at all you have accomplished! You are an inspiration and your journey is a joy to observe!
    My prayers for you all continue!

    • Thanks so much Shilo. We need to be reminded of the little time and a lot done. We have owned the farm for a year this month and some days we feel more inspiring than others, just like everyone does. I will read your comment often when I need encouragement. You do that so well, my friend.


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