“. . . we are His people, the sheep of His pasture.” Ps. 100:3   2 comments

Have you ever had a picture plan in mind and the subjects refuse to co-operate? This morning our flock of 5 sheep went picture shy so in the photo above you only see one and oh yes, the female goat. This is the second time of trying for a shot of 5 contented sheep in the pasture near the  Shepherd’s Chapel.  Never work with children or animals, lol. I could do several pages, at this point, on independence vs dependence on God but I am certain you have your own examples within easy memory.

How is the chapel coming  you ask? Still not totally done. We have had to halt the installation of glass in the door because we needed, (read, Ian needed) a diamond glass cutter that we have ordered from England and should be with us this coming week. I have oiled the floor (now need to varnish) and hung pictures. Our friends, Val &  Roger have contributed a lovely gift of a Latvian hand-woven  cloth I have chosen to use on the altar.

The picture, top left is a Latvian portrayal of Luke 18:15-17. It belonged to the mother of a friend of ours who left Latvia after WWII and re-settled in Australia. Moira, John and their son Karl recently returned to Australia after trying for 10 years to make a go of a farm here in Latvia. She wanted this picture to remain and expressed a desire to have it placed in our chapel along with a stationary crucifix that also belonged to her mother. Ian has made a shelf for it and we will put it over one of the windows once they are in.

The centre picture above was found in the old timber house. Though stained and damaged we hung it as it has an inscription in the Latgale dialect. It will also be a welcome sight to any Latvians from this area.

Next you see the finished altar area with the cross on the wall, empty cross because Jesus is risen, “It is finished!” The blue carpet  introduces colour and an invitation to kneel in His presence, if desired. We had thought that the little black book was a prayer-book belonging to Augusts, the builder of the chapel and former owner of the farm. But during a special visit we learned that it belonged to his wife’s, Paulina, mother and is used at special services to sing from and speak responses at the priest’s leading.

Finally, in this series of pictures we see on the left Augusts, in front of the chapel he built. On the right is the family photo of Augusts, Paulina, Ingrid and Karlis. Inga inherited the farm and sold it to us. Her son, Kaspars, is the one we have ‘adopted’ as our grandson.

We are having our morning devotions in the chapel each day. Ian on the left (looking from the altar) and I on the right. I love these blue chairs, they are bright and cheery and padded, lol. You see the window with its cross design waiting to be installed, sitting in front of my chair.

I love to drift over toward the chapel and slip inside for some quiet listening times, prayer times or even times of reading scripture out loud. There is such a serenity in the little chapel, our prayer is that others on our road find their way here to be blessed by the presence of God and perhaps take a step closer to Him.

Last weekend we had the privilege to be included in a community time of blessing where all around gathered at our local cemetary for services led by a priest from Varaklani.Very modern even had a mic and portable speaker with a volunteer to carry it around as he moved from altar to altar. The altars (4) were set up by assigned families. One of the families was our neighbour Nina, across the road. Ian took her, Uldis, her son and Kaspars down early to the cemetary to set up the altar and decorate their family graves. We learned later that the whole service was done in the Latgale dialect and that all Catholic church services are in that same dialect.

It was very hot in the cemetary and I felt for the priest dressed in his long black cassock and vestments.

We were standing near Nina, Uldis and Kaspars family plots with a bench to sit on but I was glad I had thought to bring my fan.

This is Kaspars on my right.After the ceremony I spoke with the priest asking if he could attend the public opening of our chapel. He spoke  a bit of English as did his secretary. She told us we would need to get the Bishop’s permission from Rezekne.  She did say, “It was a nice idea, though.” So we will see. Upon arriving home we were invited to Nina’s for a meal. What a wonderful blessing.

There was Nina, Uldis, Kaspars,  ‘Auntie’ (another neighbour), Ian, Me, Lilija, big dog, and Meggis. We had a lovely meal of cold cuts, salads and sweets. But the hit of the social gathering was Miss Lilija. She was our house guest for 2 weeks in July while her ‘mom  & dad’ had a bit of a holiday and entertained house guests. She is such a love and charms the socks off of most who meet her. Her favourite thing is licking.

A lick 'too far?'

Here she is giving Ian a loving good head wash from her favourite perch. You should see the video.

Lilija's effect on Ian

We loved having her with us and will take her again at the first opportunity. She is just the right size and lovely temperament for our little home. She cheers you up just looking at her and she is such a gentle people doggie/person.

Can you look at the picture on the right and NOT smile =))!

Breaking Farm News!!! Spotted today in one of the vegetable gardens, ears of corn beginning to form!!! This is corn imported from Oregon with the help of our dear friend Katy Jenkin. It is designed for a short growing season.  Although not all of the kernels produced plants we may have enough to satisfy some of my longing for corn on the cob. I can see the butter melting even  now and feel it running down my fingers and arms. Yum, yum!!!!

The rains of the last few days will help the ears form nicely, we hope. That and the heat. Oh my have we had heat. Most days hovering in the 40C range. Don’t mention humidity, any work means a dripping wet body, not nice. So thankful for a working shower.

Our tomato crop is coming on nicely in the green house and we are picking bush beans daily.

In addition to all the growing crops is our new-to-us tractor. Our other tractor is still with us but began to prove unsafe with no brakes and Ian nearly toppling backwards with her down in our lowest field where the ground is badly riven with ruts and holes. On 19 July we gained our  green T25, Russian made tractor.

She is licensed and road ready with everything working nicely on her. Recently Ian has been using her to pull logs up from our big ditch that separates our fields from our ‘forest’ that is no more. The ministry that handles subsidies has visited and told us what we already knew, we need to clear the ditch.

The Border of the Big Ditch

Two men approached about the job one of  them being Kaspars our honorary grandson. The other is Elmars another neighbour who led the crew that took down our old timber house.

Kaspars trimming the tree he just felled while I shouted "TIMBER"

Ian and our new work horse tractor

Three days work and still more to do but Kaspars’ Uncles saw needs repair and Kaspars himself has been struck down possibly by a tic bite. He is up and about today but still not good. He plans to stay out of the woods for now. He did two jobs in the trees this week and thinks he doesn’t have the strength for it but is still planning to work with us on farm jobs this month. He is not a quitter. Please pray that he recovers fully.

I wish you could see out my window just now. There is a bird ballet going on. It is late afternoon and birds are swooping  with open beaks gathering their evening meal of   flying insects ———– more power to them, I say. God’s order of creation never ceases to hold such awe and wonder for any with eyes to see.

Remember my quest to photograph the sheep with the chapel as the background. Well, I did it. Not the best but here it is.

His sheep, His pasture, His people

Will you let the Good Shepherd care for you this week?


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  1. I Love reading your stories about Latvia, as I’ve mentioned previously I was born in Riga, and immigrated to NY in 1980, now reside in Fl with my American husband and two young children.
    I’m a Messianic-Jew, and don’t really consider myself Latvian even though I was born there. This is probably due to the numerous stories my mother used to tell me of the Anti-semitism she suffered at the hands of Lavians, especially those who proclaimed to be Christians directed toward the Christ-killers.
    Have you witnessed any Anti-semism or heard about it from your neighboors or friends?
    Have you ever proclaimed your love for the Jewish people as a Christian, to your Latvian neighboors, and watch their reaction?
    If you ever have the desire please find any Latvian Jews that still reside in your area, tell them about the gospell and envite them to your chappell.
    As a jewish believer in Christ it is my greatest desire to bring the most Jews to Christ as I can!

    Roza Tyler (formally Meytus)
    • Roza, I love having you respond to my blog entries. I imagine that much of the persecution of Jews in Latvia came through the Catholic church. But I am not totally certain about that. I have mentioned that persecution to one young Latvian/Russian neighbour and saw a narrowing of his eyes that I interpreted as anti-semetic. Often there is embarrassment for past treatment of Jews. There have been public ceremonies of mourning at the sites around Riga where Jews were killed. I will share the gospel with anyone God brings into my path as I walk with Him. Thank you for your encouragement, Roza.


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