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The Sheep and the Goats Together

Friday 2 July, 2010 animals arrived at Kalnozoli 1. We had done a fruitless journey on Wednesday many kilometers away to look at some Marino sheep that were horribly under weight, too expensive and extremely ‘flighty’ as Ian put it. We got lost twice and went home wondering why? Our ‘adopted’ Latvian grandson, Kaspars through local connections found 2 more farms much closer and so on Thursday we went a short way down the main road and looked at these lovely black face Latvian sheep. We went back on Friday and bought 5 Spring lambs and 2 goats. Grita, the female goat is preggers so more babies will join us soon. Ian is over the moon and says we are now a ‘proper’ farm. We unloaded the animals and Ian began his role as shepherd by trimming their feet and clatting their bums.

Grita getting hooves trimmed

Ian takes the job of shepherding and keeping animals very seriously. He is careful to provide for their needs and even wants. He believes a tidy animal is a happy animal hence the bum trims which also helps prevent fly infestations. Though they weren’t keen on the process their behaviour tells us they are happy. They have all settled in nicely. Even to the extent the sheep are following the goats and when Ian shales the pellet bucket they all come running to the food trough.

In order to provide their security the paddock Ian has electrified the fences for them. They had the same on the farm where we bought them but still a couple of them had to test their limits, hmmmmm I see why God calls us His sheep. We never tire of watching them and their antics. I am especially fond of Grita our female goat and Lamb Chop the darling little girl with the freckled face. Lamb Chop is, unusually independent for a sheep, and often goes her own way. She is a charming character and I hope we can soon have her eating out of our hand, literally.

Our hay turner unloaded!

Earlier in the week we had another new arrival. One of the few new pieces of equipment, a hay turner. Previously we had been turning it by hand and when you are under the pressure of changing weather it makes for REAL STRESS!!!! I have learned more about farm machinery than I ever wanted to know.  The crazy thing is I find it somewhat interesting. What continues to be apparent is, Ian really knows his stuff he especially knows what will work the best for us. In the picture on the left you can see Kaspars unloading the hay turner. What a joy both he and David have been these past two weeks. The time has gone too quickly but it has been wonderful this past week to have days of sunshine. I don’t think this mother’s heart could have stood many more days of rain for them, living in the tent. The beginning of this week we will return them to their own homes with a hope and a prayer that they will return to us in August or September. They are both very polite and considerate yet able to express their needs like the adults they are becoming. Ian has benefitted as I have cooked real meals for them and him. I don’t think they are fans of spaghetti bolanaise though. I only served it once and they struggled to get it down. Today is the 4th of July in Latvia that is Holocast Rememberance Day but we are bbqueing sashlik and having good ol’ American potato salad followed by an ice cream cake; On the cake will be a white candle, a blue candle and a pink candle, no red ones were available, lol. We are haying at the moment and the final bales have just been done. I drive the hay wagon, aka the Land Rover with trailer. The Lord has blessed us immensely with incredible sunshine and heat just what is needed on the hay front. I have been writing this last bit as they guys unload the hay onto the growing stack of bales. I drive they load then we drive up to the hay stack and they unload and I write in our other new arrival our summer room. You can see it behind Ian in the picture where he is trimming Lamb Chop.

Well, keeping it short this week, haying does that for you. I need to get this bbq happening. A special hello to all of you at St. Leonards who follow our blogs through Brenda’s faithful work of copying and placing in the folder on the Missions Table. We miss you and pray for you very often.


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4 responses to “NEW ARRIVALS at Kalnozoli 1

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  1. Hi Ian & Kathleen you are doing well out there. May you continue to prosper and be happy in what you both do.You are in my thoughts and prayers.My kindest regards Clive.PS Ian have received your letter and put it to my cause thank you .Clive

    • Thank you Clive we are now praying for our house fund to have a miracle injection. The farm machinery has eaten into our budget.

  2. Dear Kathleen & Ian, sorry we couldn’t make it this June. Hope something will work out. Sounds very interesting your farm and a lot of work. Wouldn’t be “my cup of tea” I guess, but who knows 🙂 Lots of love!!!

    • We are sorry too but something may work out yet. Farming was never my “cup of tea” but I am loving it now, funny that.


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