Tote That Barge, Lift That Bale   1 comment

Tote that Barge, Lift that bale

Two weeks ago the haymaking process began at Kalnozoli 1. I was the designated bale lifter until our neighbour Uldis arrived on the scene. He is experienced and knew just how to lift them and carry two at a time, something I will never be able to do. So we have our first lot of hay baled and sitting on its special bed.

The 'hay bed.'

The hay is now covered with a tarp and possibly tomorrow a tent type roof frame will be erected to prevent sweating and still keep it dry. Ian, the knowledgeable one, says it has a good nose to it. Today the front meadow was cut and it will be turned tomorrow for bailing on Tuesday. Every tractor going by on our road was kited out with a mower. 3 predicted days of sunshine means make hay while the sun do shine, lol.

Here are some photos to show my participation in the haying event.

You are probably wondering what is happening with our house, in a word nothing. We are continuing to burn the rubble within the foundations but more than that we are uncertain. Prayers would be appreciated.

A not so firm foundation

Delicate Operation

It's all done with the legs

'Just like that!!'

Actually, because our kindly neighbour showed up I didn’t have to lift any bales. I did spend some time the next day turning the hay, me and my pitch fork.

This past week we have added a new building to our farm.

Our guest accommodation

We were looking for a small caravan to house 2 young workers for 6 weeks. But ended up with the boys for only 2 weeks so took the gift of this tent for their ‘castle.’ They refer to it as their castle.

David and Kaspars enjoying the Internet outside

David and Kaspars have been friends all of their 18 years. Kaspars is our ‘adopted’ grandson the actual grandson of the people who originally owned our farm. They both speak English and Kaspars helps us with translation. In July Kaspars will join his cousin in who is in Finland working on a cucumber farm. We hope we will get him back with us when he returns at the beginning of August. Unless he finds working in the cucumber fields to his liking. It has been quite fun to have them here. They join us for the evening meal each day and Kaspars seems quite relaxed with us and also quite cheeky, at times, we love it.

They have persevered despite the continual rain, with one partial days break of sun. Then today, on their day off God blessed us all with glorious sun and a nice breeze to keep the mozzies and humidity at bay. They have left the tent a couple of nights as thunder storms hit.. Kaspars aunt is our neighbour across the road and they beat a hasty wise retreat to sleep in her house during those storms.

So what have they been doing this week? A wonderful, much need rebuild of our woodshed.

The Old shed with her walls out and roof being jacked up

Her roof was sorely in need of attention not to mention the need to replace the poles that were no longer even holding the building up, Those smudges in the picture are rain which continued throughout the rebuild.

Ian and David taking boards from the old house to rebuild the woodshed

Ian, though project supervisor, was there to help but let the boys get on with the project themselves. Kaspars emerged as the crew boss and was diligent in seeing the job through. On their half work day, Saturday, Kaspars took apart one section of the new boards at the front of the shed and redid them as they were a bit uneven. He took the initiative on his own, Ian did not have to ask him to redo it. We are very pleased with their work and their work habits. Kaspars loves the countryside and would love to be a farmer. We wish we could provide a steady job for him and a place to live. But the Lord has a plan for him and we hope we can be even a small part of it.

The tidy rebuilt woodshed, a Smith and Relis production

i failed to get the final picture with the door on the shed but you get the basic idea. Tomorrow will see a new project started, not certain what yet as haying work will take precedent but that will suit Kaspars just fine, with his farmer soul.

So what of the chapel? Everything pretty well stops when haying begins and so the chapel has halted in progress but I intend to finish the floor this week and then only the windows and glass in the door remain to be finished. Ian has the plans for this final job and though I had hoped and encouraged it to be finished this month, I continue learning flexibility. I believe it remains the Lord’s priority and in our hearts it is ours as well. Yesterday, at Depot, a chain DIY store, we purchased 2 padded blue folding chairs for the chapel and I look forward to placing them on the floor when I finish it this week. I also spent time in the chapel reading aloud some Psalms and the days Proverb. It is such a place of peace, I find myself being drawn there most days.


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