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Hard to find mint plant

This week we stopped by a garden centre in Madona and much to our delight Ian spotted several mint plants among the vegetable and flower plants. We tried to contain our joy so as not to appear suspicious to the other shoppers. We also snagged a dahlia to replace one that was damaged in our cross planting featured in last week’s blog. Add 2 more tomato plants and we waltzed out of there to the tune of just over 2 lats. Things are really coming up in the green house lettuces, radishes, cukes and sweet peas and a bit more. Our strawberries are forming almost time to put the bird netting in place. Ian took some time to work out watering plans with hoses toward our garden in the front along with the roses and dahlias near the chapel. But it was not needed as later the heavens opened and we had mega rainfall.  We watered the hanging baskets very well last night, hand carrying the water all the way to the end of the drive but we won’t need to do that this evening.  It is 21:50 and the sun has just dropped behind the trees in the west. Love the long hours of daylight. It is light enough to go outside at 4:30 in the morning but I haven’t as yet.

Ian has yet to cut any of our fields as his bailer has still not arrived from Ergli. We have been told the fellow with the lorry (truck) who can bring it down is still working on getting his vehicle back on the road. Maybe this week.

Another project is under way here on the farm. 4 of us have worked on it, including me. We emptied our pitiful wood shed and stacked all the wood nearby on old asbestos shingles, covering a years worth of wood with a large tarp. Ian will jack up the supporting roof beam and with cement, bricks and new pillars level and re-do the shed to make it more solid and I hope a bit better looking. We will probably lay down asbestos to stack the wood on in the shed as the area is quite wet. Then maybe some volunteers will come forward to saw up about another years worth of dried wood we have laying about. Hint, hint. Also this week I think Ian intends to build staging to store hay on that hopefully will be cut and bailed soon. This is in preparation for animals next year, we hope.

OK, I talked about the mint and today Ian whipped up some mint sauce to have with our Sunday meal of leg of lamb. What a treat. And you ask, “What about the mustard?” Here is my sad story, as an American I love French’s brand mustard and several weeks back I used up the last of my precious store of the yellow gold. Have I been able to get more? NO! So when we had hot dogs on real American hot dog buns yesterday I broke down and put Coleman’s English mustard on them. Sacrilege, I know but, needs must. Ian puts ketchup on his but  a hot dog without mustard can not be a real hot dog, in my book.

More animal crops went into the garden this week as Ian had the offer of a manual seeder and he decided to experiment planting fodder beet. This is known as belly feed for cattle and sheep. We will give it to our neighbours across the road for their cattle as it does not keep year to year. Hoping for good sun this week to encourage our sweet corn from Oregon to grow. The thunder showers are exciting and the showers are refreshing helping the crops to grow but we also need good bouts of sun. How can you tell Latvian farmers from English folk, you can’t they all talk about the weather. =)

Today 6 June my dear daughter turns 42. She has flown from Pheonix, where she lives, to Portland to celebrate, oh how I wish I could be there. Next month my son turns 44, so glad I am not getting any older, lol.

I have been doing my summer Bible Reading Plan; the Proverb for the day and 5 Psalms. As I read Psalm 23 I got out my Latvian Bible and read the two together. If I read it enough it might stick in my memory so when people ask us why we are here we can say, “The Lord is my shepherd.” Tas Kungs ir mans gans.

I thought I would add a few wild flower pictures from my walk through our lower meadow this Monday morning.

FLowers with added clover from front meadow

Meadow flowers on the chapel altar at Kalnozoli 1

First boquet of flowers placed on the chapel altar

Chapel Altar and its first boquet of flowers

Meadow flowers in front of the chapel


Sunset on Kalnozoli 1 6 June 2010


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