Busy Days, Thrilling Days – It must be Spring!   4 comments

The steeple that Ian built is installed on the chapel roof and the sun shines brightly to celebrate. We felt such joy as one more part of the chapel is completed. There remains a fair bit of finish work to complete but we are in the home stretch. I often find myself going in and shutting the door to meet with God there if only for a few moments. The floor is in but  the altar still needs some finish work and the raised area where it will sit needs staining and finishing.

Here is a close up view of the refinished original chapel door with the cross in the centre. No, there is no glass in the door as yet and the door needs to be stained. I plan to use a darker stain on the cross piece to highlight it. We believe that the finishing of the chapel is our crucial priority. We try to work everything else around it. The word on the street is that people are very happy to seeing it progressing and being put back in place. Though they may be wondering why we are doing this first? We have believed from the beginning that the chapel was the key to seeing the rest of the land/building restoration move forward. We do not believe that the chapel is ‘God’s House’ a place where He lives but we do pray that any who enter may know His presence and meet with Him there. It was this chapel that caused us to buy Kanozoli 1. We find it difficult to put into words but we believe God used this little building (the original one) to draw us here for his purposes and finishing it remains the priority.

The chapel and its bright silver steeple can be seen quite a distance down the road and thrills us each time we spot it as we drive home.

There is so much more to share but I will post this in its incomplete stage and finish it off hopefully, tomorrow.


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4 responses to “Busy Days, Thrilling Days – It must be Spring!

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  1. Hello Ian & Kathleen it looks good Ian is a good carpenter keep up your good work.You are both in my prayers.My kindest regards Clive

    • Ian is a good worker but our neighbour boys (young men) built it to the design of the original chapel. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers, Clive.

  2. The chapel looks very cosy, how big is it, how many people can it fit.
    I was born in Riga, Latvia, and lived in the center of Riga on ulitsa Lachplishes till I was 9, then my recently late mother and I came to Brooklyn NY, where I went from sixth grade to college. After college we moved to Miami, Florida. In 2001 I met my husband a few months later we were married, a year after that our son Aaron was born, and last July after having three miscarriages our daughter Sophie was born, unfortunately last November four months to the day after Sophie’s birth my mother passed away.
    In Riga we lived in the center of the city on ulitsa Lachplishes, I remeber we had to pass through an arched allyway then by amovie theater to get to our apartment building. I tryed to find my old apartment on googgle map but I can’t find all the details.
    Maybe the movie theater doesn’t exist any more, but maybe you know someone who knows the area and can tell you how I could locate it.
    Sincerely yours.
    Roza Tyler

    • Hi Roza, always good to hear from you. It is just a small roadside chapel intended for the nieghbourhood to use as a place of prayer. Maybe 4 to 6 people comfortably and 10 standing squeezed in. Ian just measured it, it is 4 meters long and 2.5 meters wide.


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