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Anniversary Celebration

Here I am returning to our restored farm-house, lol. The reality is this was where we spent our anniversary day, visiting this beautiful hunting lodge that is slowly being restored. As you can see from the picture it was a gorgeous Spring day 08 April and we had a wonderful time exploring this amazing building with our own personal guide, Karl. He is Canadian/Latvian and working so precisely at restoring this work of art. The stories he told us kept us spell-bound as for almost 2 hours we explored the entire building.

Karl in the attic

Looking up the Grand Staircase

View from the Ladies Terrace

The picture above on the right shows our guide for the day, Karl in the cathedral-like attic of the lodge. Last year they held an art exhibition in this amazing space. They have great plans for its future use. The centre picture is only a portion of the staircase that wends its way up to the former guest rooms. The large rooms are being restored from the floor upwards as the Lodge suffered a fire in 2001. To the left you can see the view from the terrace of the sitting room for the Ladies.  The rock formation/arch is part of the castle from the 1300’s but the arch itself is newer from the 1890’s. It was the fashion of that time to feature any ruins but the Baron von Wollf wanted something a bit more romantic than just piles of stones so he had this arch built. We learned from Karl that the title Baron just meant he was rich and not nobility. Baron von Wollf loved Latvia so much that when he died during the first decade of the 20th century in Belgium, he had requested that he be buried here at the Lodge. His grave is on top of the mound that was the first site of a castle in 800+ B.C. located behind the current castle/lodge.  It is marked out at 100 metres long. In the later part of the 20th century during Soviet times, the building was used as a school. One final story: at one point the school was a poling place for a Soviet election. During the night or in the early morning of election day a 16 yr. old lad sneaked up the tower and raised a Latvian flag! A harmless prank, right? Not to the Soviet authorities who pushed until the identity of the prankster and his compatriot were uncovered. It is not a happy ending, the boys, 16 & 15 were shipped off to Siberia. A current neighbour of Karl’s remembered the day of the flag raising very well. That morning he stepped out to go and pick up his newspaper from the local shop and he happened to look up and saw the Latvian flag waving in the morning breeze. He told Karl, he immediately dropped his eyes to the ground, hoping no one had seen him looking at the Latvian flag. This is the fear that lives daily with oppression. Please continue with us to pray for the healing of this land and her people. I hope one day you can come with us for a visit to Cesvaine and this amazing building filled with stories.

So what of our visitors? Well we don’t know their names but they are locals for the season.

Mrs Stork

Mr Stork

They live in their Spring/Summer home just down the road from our farm. They are sitting on power poles at the front of our property and our neighbour’s. It was so heartwarming to see them, if only for a visit. It makes me want to put a pond in our front garden and make certain it is filled with frogs for them to stop by for a ‘bite.’ It was so clever of Ian to slip into the house and get the camera. To be honest I hoped they were shopping for a site to build their nest, but maybe next year we can attract a pair.  Would anyone like to volunteer to climb our power pole and fasten a wooden stork nest platform in place?

That only leaves the general subject of living. Running water, not yet but Ian, as I write is giving the pipes another hot water enema, lol. You’ve heard the saying, ‘Needs must?’ Ian has put the enema bag and its hose to work filtering hot water down the pipes to rid them of the final bits of ice. I decided to forgo the pictures, besides he would have disapproved strongly. Yesterday’s warmth in the 60’s F range helped move things along a bit. Today was also lovely but the strong drying wind brought the temps down though the sun was glorious. The wind has just picked up and I had to close the ceiling vent or risk it breaking off. My clothes on the line are flying horizontal at the moment. Ah the glories of hanging washing on the line, 3 loads done today. One more small load and a rag rug to wash and I will be completely caught up. I should have finished today but though we are not using any extraorinary electricity the wiring in the old house, our source of power, is dodgy and so sometimes the cycle just stops and I discover it when it has happened much earlier. Just another opportunity to realize we have far less control than we imagine, in all things called ‘life.’ We are still waiting for the electic company to come and put our 3 phase on our power pole so we can get on with the house project. Part of the problem is they don’t seem to speak English at the power company so we have to rely on friends to interrupt their lives to phone for us.

I will leave you with a couple of spectacular views of our western skies.

Artwork by God

Another masterpiece by the Master


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  1. I nearly cried at those last pictures…so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Hugs and love!

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