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Work on The Shepherd’s Chapel continues. Last Sunday I hazarded a jaunt to the location and Ian snapped the picture. Any walking on the melting ice and snow is sometimes more excitement than I want to experience. Never know when you will drop through the surface and land on one of your body parts.

It is warming, it has been hovering around 5 C or 37 F for several days and even remains above freezing during the night. The drainage ditches Ian dug last Autumn are flowing with water and we are hopeful that our pipes can be reconnected; the pump started and running water returned to the mobile home in the next few weeks. We have survived the worst winter seen in Latvia within the last 80 years but I am hoping our lack of the simple convenience of running water and hot water will soon be ended. I hope I never take running water in my home for granted ever again. If I do, please remind me of the winter of ’09 – ’10. This warming trend also means we may be able to put away the cylinders of propane and our blessed ‘Blaster’ heater, from out of the mobile home. Living with propane bottles in your hallway is not for the fainthearted.

Yes, at times our living conditions have been too close to dire for comfort but then God sends a bit of encouragement.

Our creative neighbour boys erected this ice sculpture in the dark this past week while it was still cold. We awoke to find this label to the left of our drive facing toward the mobile home. We laughed and said “No hiding now!”  Everyone in the area knows there are ‘English’ about and now they know exactly where, if there was ever any doubt. Our nameless road is behind the sculpture with a  view to the neighbours field and another forest marching along the field’s border. We love the vistas from our little Kalnozoli 1.

Speaking of vistas, here is our drive earlier in the week looking toward Janina and Uldis’ house. This was fairly early in the morning with the sun beaming down have risen in the east, first, over Russia. Russia is some 20 + miles  away as the crow flies. Having lived through the cold war, as an American I could get quite nervous living so close to Mother Russia, but I choose not to believing we are here by God’s design, no matter what happens. I’ll never forget what a friend told me when he learned we were moving here. He said he had a conversation with a Latvian Jew who quoted his grandfather saying, “You must always have a warm winter coat and a good pair of boots.” At least once or twice a month we see the Latvian flags go up to honour those who died through the oppression of governments who ravished Latvia at one time or another. Please pray for this nation as she stands on shaky legs of new-found freedom. For some the cost is becoming too great. An example is a mother of 3 whose husband has deserted her and she gets 29 Lats a month support. Thankfully she is being helped by our friends in Stelpe and others in that community who are reaching out to people,  like her, who struggle in these desperate financial times. Many look back to Soviet times with longing, when they had jobs, housing and general care, even if without freedom to make choices. We try to sow seeds of hope through encouragement whenever we can and buy locally, if what we need is available. Remember, those who have followed our journey, God said, “Go, wait, listen and encourage.”

Hopefully see you next Sunday after our break, once again to Val & Roger’s in Stelpe to celebrate Ian’s seventy second birthday on Thursday 25 March.


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5 responses to “Greetings from The Shepherd’s Chapel

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  1. Hi Ian & Kathleen,may your good times arrive soon and may you continue with your life in good health and spirit.I wish you well.kindest regards Clive

  2. Thanks Clive, we receive your good wishes greatfully. Blessings

  3. I’m glad you are surviving the harsh winter with a smile. We had an unusualy cold and long winter for west palm beach, Florida. In the high 40’s, talk about global warming, but I shouldn’t complain. I remember the frozen sidewalks in Riga when I was a child, walking to the bus stop with my my, trying not to slip. I guess I’m also a Latvian Jew but that could be an oxymoron since Latvians are very antisemitic and gave up a lot of Jews to the Nazis. My mother used to tell me how she could not find a job when she was young with an education and a briliant mind, just because she was Jewish. My father still lives in Europe but he is in the Ukraine, is there any one that you know that could help me find him, I have not seen him since I came to the US, for 30 years and have not spoken to him for almost 20 years. Don’t know if he is still alive. I would love it if someone could come and tell him about the gospell of Jesus Christ. His name is Mikhail or Maissei Meytus I know he use to live in Dnepropetrovsk, but we lost touch and since my mother died last November I cannot ask her, please help or put me in touch with missionarries in the Ukraine if you know any, it will be greatly appriciatted. Thanks again and good luck in your new life.

    • Roza I will contact a few people who might have some missionary connections in the Ukraine. I would love to help you re-connect with your Father and know that he is with us in God’s family.
      If I may ask, how old were you when you went to the U.S. from Latvia? It sounds like there is an amazing story in the history of your Mother. Has it been written down or recorded at all? I yearn to see the stories of Latvia recorded, otherwise we are at risk of repetition. I still see the antisemitisim when I share that grandfather’s quote. Sometimes it is guilt and sometimes it is rejection.
      Thank you for your post and good wishes. We would appreciate your prayers and we try to bring restoration to this little plot of land and hope to our neighbours.

      • Roza through a friend who lives in Oregon and her husband’s family lives in the Ukraine, we are sending your father’s name to a pastor in Denpr. Trusting God to work His miracles. Even the size of the city is not too big for God. I wonder if you could place an announcement in the city’s newpaper?


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