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Yes, Bee in Bosnia, it is indeed a TOAST RACK!  This is a treasured hand made item. It was made by Roger Hazelden, originally from Sussex now living in Stelpe, Latvia. The picture on the right is dapper Roger and his lovely wife Valerie. Now for the story about this treasured gift.

In September of 2008 we first met Roger and Valerie at their home in Stelpe. We experienced a real connection with them immediately. The conversation flowed and the humour danced with grace. During that over night visit, the subject arose of my adjustment to British culture. In my usual subtle way I pronounced my aversion for toast racks. I think it was before Roger produced his latest handicraft, a toast rack. Oh, dear! But we joked about it and being out numbered by the dear Brits the whole subject became a standing joke. Hence we moved to Latvia, one year ago, yesterday, the 7th of March – – Roger promised me a house-warming gift– yep a toast rack or letter rack if I so chose to use it for that purpose. On the 26th of February we finally got together with Roger and Val to celebrate and the house-warming gift was gratefully received. I can assure you that since I strongly dislike cold toast, said rack is being used as a letter rack, lol.

Woody continues to call regularly, while the Bird Man of Kalnozoli tries to keep the feeders filled. Most days find us still tucked up inside. Although, having said that, Ian has been faithfully working in the old house taking down the brick wall and fire. He has piled up quite a stack of bricks on the end of the pump house. There has been some warmer days of late and when Ian was checking the condition of the ground a few days ago as he removed the layers of snow he discovered water instead of ice. We are thinking we should have built that ark as Spring and the snow melt will certainly bring flooding. So, anyone for digging ditches? As it warms we need to be seriously dismantling the old farmhouse, not certain what my involvement will be other than ‘tea lady.’  We want to preserve any good timbers for use on the farm buildings so it isn’t just a knock down and clean up job but a more careful approach. Prayers are appreciated. We will keep our readers updated as work progresses.

“Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, over the fields we go, laughing all the way.” This picture shows our neighbours moving a very large piece of wood from the forest to their barn. Probably, they weren’t laughing but for a 20 year-old horse, I say, ‘well done!’  Just one of the normal sights of winter that make this place so special.

Here is another: Again our artistic neighbours doing ice sculptures, but not the type you place on a banquet table.

It seemed as though they had been done just for us as they faced our mobile home and can be clearly seen from our windows. Whether they were or not it matters little, we are enjoying them and hope they will be inspired to do more.

This past Friday saw us back at the dentist’s and all being well I should have a new crown this coming Friday. Then we talk plans for the rest of my teeth. Mostly a miracle in process to restore, preserve and maintain with maybe a bit of cosmetics thrown in. I did find a good whitening toothpaste, something I had seen only poor examples of previously. Enamel implants would be good, lol.

I, through my friend Kim, have discovered another novelist, Jane Kirkpatrick.  An Oregonian writing historical fiction set in Oregon and California, she pulls me in from the first page. I am just starting my 5th book, second series. I consider research as a potential writer, haha.

What has God been showing us this week? You only have sight for the next step and sometimes it means stepping out without seeing. Over and over again He takes us back to ‘OUR’ verses in Proverbs, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”


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  1. My dad trained me well! He always tests me on things like that…great story behind it! (and do I get a prize????)
    And a letter rack is a much better idea – I also hate cold toast!

  2. Your prize is having the right answer. I wish it could be more, praying for you today at 12.

  3. Cold toast? Who ever heard of such a thing! I’m off to google toast rack! 🙂
    That is way too special about the ice sculptures your neighbors made for you! Did you see them at it?

  4. Just that it holds 5-8 pieces of toast vertically and often has a handle for passing around the table. I take it this was invented to prevent the “soggy” buttered toast in a pile??

    • Probably but it would be nice if they were buttered while still warm and then placed in the rack sadly they are NOT! Regarding the ice sculptures, we did see them from afar and wondered what they were doing. They have done more that I will show soon.

  5. You write beautifully! I love the images and the relationships you so easily portray. Latvia is fortunate to have you there seeing the world through your insightful eyes! thanks for sharing your part of the world. Warmly, Jane

    • Jane thank you so much for visiting my blog and posting your lovely comments. I will return to them often when I need encouragement. Do you have any plans to come to this side of the pond, perhaps England? I would love to come and hear you speak. Blessings, Kathleen


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