Birthday Blessings & Line Dancing   10 comments

This is a birthday celebration at its best. Dear friends, Roger & Val and of course my darling Ian, all originally from Sussex England. Here we are cosied up in the happening place in Bouska, The Raspberry Resturant. What you can’t see is the the line dancing evening happening to the right of Ian. No we didn’t get involved but it was a touch of strangeness as we sat enjoying our selves to suddenly hear Country Western Music  playing loudly with words in English! We should have realized when we first noticed some guys in Western outfits, complete with boots and cowboy hats. I wondered if we had done a time transport to a saloon in Eastern Oregon, lol.

Now comes the test for this blog. Do you know what the object is sitting at my elbow? Next week I will see who knows, Val & Roger you can’t play nor can Joanna or any Ian’s.  Also you will hear the story behind the object.

We travelled to Bouska on Friday arriving at our hotel, Berzkalni to find the loveliest little black fluffy kitten scampering about the reception area, her name, Melita. We counted about 4 cats lounging around the area during our stay.  On the way to the door of our room we were stunned to find a display behind plexiglass. First a large fir tree caught our eye and then we saw the work of the taxidermist, including a fox with bushy tail in the air, a beaver and a racoon. Behind them on the wall were some impressive racks of antlers. Again it was a touch from Oregon, reminding me of the old museum in Tillamook, where we took school trips in elementary school. Yep, a sure sign of age and I am allowed.

Arriving at our room I encouraged Ian to have a shower first so he could rest while I took mine. Dear Ian was ill very early Friday morning and I had tried to get him to postpone our plans until he felt better but he wouldn’t hear of it, so I encouraged him to sleep, if he could and thankfully, he did. Oh the joy of a really hot shower, the thrill of shampoo lathering thickly, cleansing hair completely. Ah yes, the simple pleasures in life hopefully to never be taken for granted again. Another birthday blessing.

The blessing of this birthday was not focused on the gifts, though they are lovely and thoughtful, but the  real joy came from the nourshing, encouraging time spent with people with whom a deep bond is forming. The only sadness came when we had to leave on Sunday after spending more time with Val & Roger in their home. We sensed all through the weekend that we had come ‘home,’ to friends long missed, though we had only met them once before.

Of course one of the joys of 21st century living is electronic communication and receiving cards and birthday wishes via email, not to mention Facebook. It was quite encouraging to open up my computer last evening to sit and read everything people had taken the time to send, thank you.

You might wonder what I hope for this year, having lived for 65 years. I could wax lyrical and pretend wisdom or I could be gut wrenchingly honest. I hope for enough strength through faith to see our timber house built but first,our chapel finished. I hope to see with God’s eyes and perspective to see each step He has planned for us to walk. Also, my secret hope is to get some faith/fiction stories published. Of course I must first write them. Would you buy a book with this face on the dust jacket? lol No need to answer that.


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10 responses to “Birthday Blessings & Line Dancing

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  1. Thanks sooo much Kathleen, we feel the same, !! it was a real blessing to have you stay with us, and also to be part of your “special coming of age” birthday,,

    oh yes !! the object by your elbow is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ha ha wait till next weeks blog ,,,,,,,,sorry !!!!!!!!!

    Roger and Val
    • Glad we are in a mutual admiration society. You blessed our socks off!

      • Dear Ian &Kathleen it sounds like you had a very happy birthday and an enjoyable time may have joy and happyness always.
        Kindest Regards Clive

      • Thank you Clive. Maybe when Ian turns 72 next month we WILL line dance, lol

  2. So glad you had a lovely day and weekend with special friends!
    No clue on the mystery object…I await your disclosure! 🙂
    Love you!

    • Shilo it was and we are going to do it again this month on the 25th for Ian’s birthday. Mystery item — all will be revealed.

  3. So glad you had a great day (and a lovely shower!!!)
    as to the mystery object, I think it is either a toast rack or a letter holder. Either way it is very pretty…can’t wait to find out!!

  4. Happy belated, country western in Latvia? I could never emagine this 30 years ago when I left Riga that they will embrace western culture. My family was called a traitor when we were applying to go to the USA by our Latvian neighbors.

    • Roza, thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I hear your pain in that comment. Yes Latvia seems to be embracing all things Western. Some good things some not so good. I would like to hear more of your story. I will email you and you can respond if you want. Blessings, Kathleen


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