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The drive/track was filled in with snow and our helpful neighbours phoned another neighbour to clear our drive. Even with new and improved tyres we couldn’t get out of the farm. The blue tractor arrived and made a sweep, then disaster.He got to close to the ditch at the front of our farm and in he went, loaded bucket and all. The second tractor was called to the rescue and it was a hard job but they made it, in the end. Now the 2 tractors continued to sweep the drive. Yet another problem arose when the second tractor almost lost his bucket trying to clear  the original track. The sides of the track were frozen and it was determined a new track must be made. So the tractor waltz continued and we can get out of the farm. Today, Monday, brought more snow but we still have a driveway, of sorts. We are so thankful for helpful neighbours.

Have you missed us these past 2 weeks since the last post? It has been ‘tooth time’ around here. My tooth. I am fighting to keep my own teeth and there is a war going on with much crumbling of precious enamel. This time pain entered the picture blotting out the beauty that surrounds us like a dark cloud covering the sun. A friend was consulted who made an appointment with her dentist in Madona. We arrived and she greeted us in English, hallelujah! She was gentle and kind and the treatment, ongoing, has been amazing and more than reasonable in cost. She will save the tooth with a crown.

On the Valentine’s Day we went to the market at Valani with the intent to buy a fur hat for my Valentine present. We found the footing very slippery and of course HRH went down and 2 Latvians helped Ian to get me on my feet again. I thought I would be bruised and sore but thankfully, not.

Following the fall and then purchase we followed through on our plan to go out for a Valentine’s lunch. We went to our favourite local resturant near the river and had a lovely lunch.

The hat? It may not be gorgeous but it is so lovely and warm. Now where did I leave my snow shoes? Lol

A short posting this time but next week will hopefully be about a certain landmark birthday celebration.


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