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James 1:2 “Counsider it pure joy”

Last week I listed some of the situations we are currently facing in our daily lives. All through the week the verse above from James kept appearing in different readings and we got the message from God, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perserverance” Though some have misunderstood our light hearted attitude toward our situation we see it as God’s grace and joy in the face of difficulties.

James continues speaking of the reality that perserverence develops maturity and if anyone lacks wisdom they should ask God and He will give generously. Of course there is a condition, you must not doubt. No doubting that God can and will give wisdom, that is the condition upon receiving the wisdom. It always comes back to faith. Faith is not something floating in the air that we can just pluck up when we need it. Faith that God desires from us and is taught throughout the scriptures must be grounded and in order to be active must have a focus, an object. There is nothing etherael, there is no faith just in faith alone. Faith holds firmly to and is completely fastened to, Jesus Christ. He is the object of our faith, not our beliefs, not our creeds, not our church, not our Christian friends or family. “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him, endured the cross, scorning its shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

Does it get easier as time goes on, NO! Faith is not an automatic response but always remains a choice moment bymoment; day by day; night by night. (To be continued later today)

(Later) The pictures throughout the rest of the document some of our daily trials:

Ian is melting the ice from our dining area window with my hair dryer. He is concerned that if we let it build up the window could break. The main problem is at night when the temps drop while we sleep and the propane heater is off. There is so much moisture in the air it freezes to the windows, all the windows. He worked most of Saturday on the bedroom window and it was lovely to look out a clear window at the sunhine Sunday morning. We also pulled out our bed and discovered a frozen wall below the headboard. Ian worked all morning yesterday thawing and cleaning that and we put an insulation board in after changing the sheets and realigning the under sheet electric warming pad. We have 2 new pads to put on the bed but we didn’t have the right adapters to fit our english 3 point plugs in the mobile home so that project is on hold for the moment. But the sleep was warm and deep last night.

The other battle we have with ice features our door out of the mobile home. It too tends to get loaded with ice inside and once Ian could not get outside until he thawed it out.Here is our gem of a space heater we call the ‘Blaster.’ To thaw the door we turn her around and aim it toward the light of the glass door. Where she sits she heats the whole house quite well. Sometimes too well and we have to open the air vent in the kitchen roof. As I write this I am wearing a t-shirt with a silk undershirt also =)

Our kitchen window has a layer of ice every morning but by evening the ‘Blaster’ has melted most of it away. Speaking of processes and ‘steps’ here is what we have to do to wash dishes. First we must have water from the well using our current submersible pump and filling the empty drinking water bottles. We carry the bottles outside next to the well, I take the caps off; Ian starts the pump and begins filling the bottles, I put the caps on and then we trade places, I fill he caps. The first time we filled bottles with about 50 gallons in the bright sparkling sunshine and icy temps. We store some in the pump house, that is warm and some in the old timber house where they freeze until being moved into the pump house. If we store them in our shower room they will also freeze. I also use the shower as a place to store extra meat that won’t fit in our small frig/freezer. Adapting is crucial for our life style at the moment. So then once we have water to wash it goes into a large ‘jam’ pan on the cooker to be boiled/heated. Then into the green basin you see in the sink above. I usually let the dishes soak in the boiling water until cools before washing up.

Here you see the black ‘drain’ bucket. Of course our drain pipes are frozen so all washing up water must go into this bucket and Ian empties a couple of times a day depending on use. Beside the ‘drain’ bucket are some water bottles. The trick is to move nimbly about the kitchen while avoiding triping over these items, lol. I mentioned laundry in talking about the water. We are only doing small bits of laundry like knickers or our silk thermal underwear. Occasionaly I rinse out a nightgown or pair of sport trousers and/or tops/shirts. I have also recently boiled some tea towels just trying to keep the piles of laundry from growing too big. To do this I use the same large jam pan on the cooker with well water and a non sudsy cleaning agent. In go the elected items and with a wooden paddle they are stirred about in the boiling water and left to soak. Then they are hung gingerly (very hot) over the kitchen tap until cooled. Next they are as thorougly wrung out as me ol hands can wring them. Next comes a cool rinse another wringing and they are off to the washing machine for a real good spin, which requires a walk outside to the pump house where the washing machine lives. It is nice and warm in there as we have a heater protecting the pump. After about 13 minutes it is back to the house to be hung up on the drying rack in the lounge. The same process is done with the silk thermals but in cool water not boiling and so on for each group of things laundered.

Now you maybe wanting to ask the age old astronaut question, what about the toilet? With frozen pipes we obviously can’t use the plumbed in one, and with extreme temps we choose not to use an outdoor toilet.  We have a bio- chemical toilet that Ian empties every couple of days but I decided to forgo the pictures on that one, aren’t you glad?

To wash my hair we heat the water as for dishes and Ian kindly shampoos and conditions my hair dipping into the water pan with a jug (pitcher) and I do the same for him. We do not do this on a daily basis but every week or so or if we need to look presentable, lol.

Bathing is much the same process but we use a lot of baby wipes to keep our bodies clean. I have developed the French Court habit of using cologne as well. heheheh

Now why have I written this? Let me share why I have NOT written it. It is not to elicite pity, advice (unless really practical) or to brand us insane. It is meant to inform to bring you clearly into the picture of our daily life at the moment. Also to share that these processes are ones God is using to refine us to grow us up in our faith and trust of Him. We chose to laugh and make light because it is the perspective He has given. There is plenty to take seriously in the world today, our current lifestyle is not one of them. I hope you have been encouraged to pray for us to keep on keeping on. Would I want to always live like this NO!!!


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