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Designed by The Creator, painted by Him in frost on snow. This ice sculpture greeted us one morning this past week and for the most part remains as you see it in the picture above. Just when we think the landscape cannot possibly become any more stunning God reveals another aspect of His creative ability. At moments it is so beautiful it almost hurts but then the heart soars as the intense beauty seeps deep within. ‘How Great Thou Art’ comes gliding into the thoughts and the praise and worship bubbles out in song and verse.

We have begun to see that this breath taking beauty in the landscape all around us, is an encouragment to keep on keeping on in the face of persistent practical problems. About Wednesday this week we had a revelation. The difficulties we are facing: no running water; problems with the new pump, the new generator; the power outages due to old wiring in the old house; washing machine unable to work for lack of water and proper power; the drains frozen up; the temps too cold for Ian to get the heating tapes on the pipes under the mobile home; the cruelty from Ian’s children; the weekly problems communicating with the doctor over prescriptions; not having a language teacher and so on. ALL of these have come through the loving hands of our Heavenly Father and are a part of His will for us, why? The Refiners Fire. To rub off some of the many rough edges we have and prepare us for what, we don’t know. To make us into the image of Jesus Christ. Our moment by moment calling is to keep on trusting, keep on believing that the Lord will take us through it all. Training in Trust, is how we are looking at it, gaining God’s perspective as we go. Sounds great on paper but you know that the reality looks different at times. Yes we loose our tempers and get frustrated and have serious moments of doubt but usually about ourselves not God or His plan in bringing us here. When we remember to look up and get our bearings the frustration gives way to faith and the anger yields to appreciation for all God has done and is doing.

When the perspective is right the reality of God’s love and provision is obvious like the rose coloured sky at the end of the day.

While at other times it is all blurry and looks filled with slashing impediments.

How do we respond? Often we take the blurriness to God and ask for wisdom and clarity. Sometimes, though, that only happens after a period of trying to figure it out on our own.  So is it all bad, all difficult? No! On Friday we set out to register our address as being our new address. This involves interacting with local government. We weren’t certain where to start so we went to Murmestiena our local pagasts first. We thought we might need to go to Varaklani Novads in the other physical direction and we did but we went having the name of the woman we needed to speak with written out for us by the lovely lady in Murmestiena. In the Pagasts office in Murmestiena no one speaks English but they called in a young man from the school next door and he did the translation work. We had asked God to go before us that day and He DID! When we got to Varaklani we first went to the wrong building but God had the only person we saw ready as she spoke English and redirected us across the street. Because we had the name written on paper even without the language we were directed to the right office, she was expecting us, villiage drums at work, and it was a simple proceedure. As we paid the nominal fee we learned that all government records would now be changed and we did not have to go to Madona and Ergli  to change their records. Easy peasy. We were going to Madona anyway and when we checked the National Office there, we learned indeed all records have been changed, we are legal, big sigh.

Our time in Madona allowed for a nice lunch at one of our favourite resturants and while enjoying the meal we made out our  showering/bathing schedule through April, lol. For my birthday in February we will stay the night in a hotel and have showers/baths; for Ian’s birthday in March we will do the same and for our Anniversary in April, ditto. Hopefully by April we will have running water here at home but it is good to have a plan, now to submit it to God. I can hear the sharp intakes of breath all over the world. Actually, we are realizing that our current situation puts us more in line with many here in Latvia who also do not have running water and certainly no washing machines. In case you are wondering, we have not seen any Laundromats here in Latvia. Many people do all laundry by hand and even in freezing temps hang it outside to dry? Of course we can afford to stay a night now and again in a hotel and enjoy our lovely car to drive us there, unlike most here in Latvia.

We heard this week from a former family member in New Zealand ,that his wife had died just this past week. Ian had sent him an uplifting email and he wrote to say how it had encouraged him in the face of his loss. This lady was an Anglican minister, the sister of Ian’s ex wife. We saw her a couple of years ago on a visit to family in England. She has been ill for some time so it was not unexpected but she leaves a hole not easily filled as she was the strongest, spiritually, in the whole family. God is at work and we know this will have a big impact on Ian’s children having just lost their grandfather. They grieve without real hope.

This week we have seen our woodpecker friend again most every day. We have a job keeping the food supplied to our feathered friends but they are so delightful to watch. We had quite a piece of pork fat that we rendered down and have been mixing it with lots of seed that we put in ice cream tubs. It makes us laugh to watch the birdies tail feathers in the air and beaks deep into the tubs eating away. Today, Ian gathered the two hanging feeders in and knocked the frost and ice off them and stuffed them with fat and seed. Happy birdies everywhere. We have quite a crowd of regulars at the Langridge Bird Diner.

Thanks for your faithful prayers for us, your kind words of encouragement and comments on this blog. We pray for you most every day.


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2 responses to “White on White

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  1. So many things I loved about this post…that it ALL goes through His LOVING hands, the Langridge bird diner, God preparing the way with English speakers…He’s so good.
    Hugs and thanks for keeping that heavenly perspective!

    • Shilo you make the sunshine in my heart. I am always encouraged by what you share you are an encourager extrordinaire! =)


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