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The past few days we have enjoyed bright sunshine and blue skies with temps around -15C a real heat wave, lol.

Today, Monday Ian spent time knocking the icicles off our tin home and chipping the ice from our door and one of the many windows that are frozen on the inside.

It was 40C this morning in our living room. We are nice and toasty in our bed with under sheet electric warming pad, so no worries there. The update on our water is we still have none. Ian is tackling it step by step and we manage quite well with bottled water. Our generator is not happy with the cold as we discovered this particular model is designed for the tropics, what a laugh! It now has its very own electric heater. I am hand washing only what we need in clothes and we are putting them through a spin cycle on the washing machine so they hang dry more quickly. Our ‘blaster’ propane heater continues to keep us more warm than we would like at times. To counter balance its output we often open the sky vent in the kitchen. Recently, we forgot to close it and when we returned from a shopping trip discovered 2 blue tits flying about in our living room. Hey, I don’t blame them, I would want to come in out of the cold too, if I were them, lol. We encouraged them to leave the way they came in, and they did. It happened once more when we were here so though we keep it open from time to time we remain on bird watch inside as well as outside. The birds are eating us out of house and home and the woman at the Pet Centre in Madona recognizes me when I stop at least weekly to buy seed.

We are spending more time watching DVD’s and on the computer with the very cold temps. It is good to see Ian resting more and for the most part not feeling guilty with all the needs we currently are experiencing. All work on the chapel has currently stopped as the temps drop. I am hoping next winter will find us in our timber home, a driveway graveled and all buildings in shape. Ian would add the fencing done around the perimeter, sheep pens prepared, hay & silage stored and about 20 sheep & 1 sheep dog on the farm.

I suppose some chickens would be added to that list but with these temps I would want a heated nest box for them, lol.  I think the list is a bit of a reach too far but as we go each step that God directs we shall see what He has planned.

Yesterday was the monthly market at Vilani about 15 kilometres from here. We braved the cold and spent about 1 1/2 hours in the cold from about 9 to 10::30 then the wind was coming up and we tried to go to one of our favourite resturants for pankukas (pancakes) but they weren’t opening until 11 so opted for home. Our little Freelander seems quite happy with the snow and ice. We often wonder when we start out from the farmyard if she can make it through the depth of snow but she always does, so far. The snow usually fills in the tracks each day between our trips out. God’s housekeeper is very effiecient? The way he paints the landscape in white has recently reminded me of the righteousness we have in Jesus Christ. Those trees have not been able to make themselves white and have done nothing to deserve this beauty. It is all God’s doing. Just as we who believe can do nothing, absolutely nothing to gain righteousness or be covered in the beauty that is Christ Jesus it is all God based on Christ’s sacrafice of life and death. We are clothed in His righteousness and we stand before Him when we approach Him with our sins completely cleansed. We have no fear to approach our loving Heavenly Father as we are accepted in the Beloved. “Though your sins be like scarlet they shall be as white as snow.” Isaiah 1:18 God continues to speak through His creation.

On New Year’s Eve we went back over this blog since last January marvelling at all God has done. It was a banner year. From our move to Latvia, thinking we were moving for the last time and in August opening the door for us to buy our farm hearalding a move that remains unfinished with our things still in Ergli, to Dad going home in December, at last at peace. This blog has become a real place of reflection for us and for those both old and new who continue to follow our journey with God, going, waiting, listening, encouraging. What have we learned this year, a lesson that just keeps on teaching, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs3:5,6 I realize more each day that the word of God, the Bible is alive and along with God’s mercies are new every morning. 2010 should be a real corker. Happy New Year and blessings abundant for you and yours.


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4 responses to “Sunshine in Latvia

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  1. I love the analogy of the snow on the trees…so true and beautiful!

    • Thanks Shilo, it was even better this week as thick frost completely covered the trees

  2. thank you for your great comments

    Awesome intelligent design.

    all cultural and religious backgrounds

    around the world.

    most interesting posting.

    • all cultural and religious backgrounds

      around the world
      Not certain what you are refering to, is this a block posting or particular to my blog?


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