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We haven’t held the tent revival yet, but who knows? This very large plastic tarplin is covering the chapel while the siding is going on.  Hopefully the felt will be on the roof later this week and the tent will be removed. It is exciting each day as we see progress on this priority project. It looks like a major portion will be finished by Christmas but the finishing details will take more time.

Here is what is going on underneatht the tent. The picture on the right shows the North side of the chapel with a bit of the West end. More has been done since this was taken but to be honest its too cold for me to go out and take another picture, hehehe. Speaking of cold it is -5C today and yes, our pipes under the mobile home are frozen. Actually, Ian been able to thaw the cold water tap in the bathroom and the tap in our bedroom didn’t freeze but the kitchen sink is proving to be very stubborn. So we have access to water but not always where we want it. Of course the gas heater for the hot water is linked to the kitchen taps so no hot water anywhere. Hey, its Latvia, its farm life, and its cold. Supposed to get to -16C this week. This afternoon we have gently falling snow and at the moment Ian is outside the living room window aiming his ‘flame thrower’ via a large metal pipe at our frozen pipes, he is frozen as well, he just mouthed.

Would you like more good news this festive season? We don’t seem to have enough electricty to run our washing machine. Now this really is serious. It has to do with the fact that our 3 phase electricity is not in place, we are running on 1 phase. More than that I cannot explain, electrically challenged as I am, lol. I have been trying for 3 days to do one load and its not happening. Am I ready to give up and go back to the flat in Ergli, nope. We will find a solution. We always do, usually through prayer, God inspires us toward a remedy for the problems. Prayer for Ian, who bears much of these physical problems, would be appreciated.

Here before you stands our decorated Christmas tree, skinny little thing that it is. But we love it and find it so perfect for this little corner of our living room. It is special as our first tree on the farm and cut from our own land. For those who are engineering minded – no, we don’t have the tree on while trying to run the washing machine, lol. The tree lights brighten the dark winter evenings that are beginning about 3:30 these days with 8 more days before the shortest day on the 21st. Then second by second the days will lengthen, hurray.

Of course the most important and central focus of our decorating is the hand carved Nativity set that Ian’s parents brought back from Israel some years ago. Yes, this is the normal santized version I spoke of last week. For you theological types the figures in the distant background are the wise men’s camels and the wise men are barely visible to the immediate scene, on the left. We know they didn’t arrive until Jesus was about 18 months or so, but traditions survive.  For those who have received our Christmas letters in the past I wonder if you miss, as I do, Mr. Darcy’s commentary on the season? For the uninitiated, Mr. Darcy is our beloved cat who was adopted by our dear friends, Brenda & Terry prior to our departure for Latvia. He always had wise words about the Nativity scene and the real meaning of Christmas. Yes, I still miss him soooooooo much, she said tearing up.

Good news, just in!! Ian sorted out the washing machine, we think. The outlet hose that runs out over the ground though kept inside at night had frozen in a short time so Ian cleverly placed it in another pipe and wheeee we are away. Though the issue of not enough electricty remains as most things, including our additional vital heaters must be shut off and it is now about 15 degrees Centigrade in our living room. (Near 66F). By the grace and love of our incredible God, though daily challenged in ‘normal’ necessities, we rejoice at the gift of Kalnozoli farm. The washing is now finished, at least that load, and we know that we can manage, just, to do laundry.

After discovering our frozen pipes this morning we wondered if we should cay out our plans for the day. We had planned to go to a local monthly market, the last one before Christmas. The temps were -5C and dropping and we had frozen pipes but YES! we went anyway, survivors that we are.  We enjoyed walking through the several streets of stalls. We always go early before the crowds hit and today was the same. All bundled up with layer upon layer, coats, hats and gloves we strolled out to do some Christmas shopping for each other without the suprise ingredient usually found on Christmas morning. I had no idea what I might find that I would like. Already I had bought Ian a portable work bench to replace the one we had to leave in Hastings and on that trip he kept trying to entice me to pick out something for myself but nothing tickled my fancy. In the market we both kept looking at the stalls with coats, especially long coats and then I said, “I have seen real fur coats for sale here”  He said, “Lets see if we can find them.” So we continued to shop picking up a shirt and warm fuzzy slippers for him until we ran to ground some furs. The first stall was a no go, they didn’t look well made and were too small anyway. Many Latvian ladies are quite thin. A little further on we saw a lovely 3/4 length coat and as we looked at it the stall owner approached and began chatting in Russian persuading me to try it on, motioning me inside her kiosk to a full length mirror. On went the coat, it fit and after some deliberation and without asking the price, Ian said, “If you like it and want it, lets get it.” I said to the lady, “how much?” Her partner said in English, a price and then said no and quoted a lower price. Yep, we took it — so Merry Christmas, me. I wore it out of the ‘shop’ and oh my, so lovely and warm. This is pratical stuff people not so much fashion dictated. If you are worried about the lives of the little critters who warm my tired ol’ body, as near as we could understand this is fur gained the old fashioned way, not farmed but hunted for the purpose of keeping people warm. If that still offends, I love you, but it is your problem. Of course a new hat had to be purchased that complimented the coat and that was Ian’s idea first before I even mentioned it or actually thought of it. Maybe a picture next week.

To return to our central priority at the moment: newest pics of the chapel. Ian had gone out and taken them when I had only thought about it and decided it was too cold.

The picture on the left is of the almost completed centre wall at the back of the chapel behind where the altar will be placed. The rough looking bits on either side will be lined with insulation and finished nicely like the centre bit. You can see a bit of the green insulation peeking out of the bottom of the centre wall.The picture above and right is the front of the chapel with door space and half finished porch. Don’t worry more pictures will follow next week, you knew they would. Hot drinks anyone, the snow is continuing to fall, can you see it?


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  1. Oh Kathleen, I definitely want to see a picture of you in your new coat! Thanks for the pics of the chapel progress too! Very exciting!
    And the new look is gorgeous! How did you get the flakes to fall? Impressive, my friend!
    Love you!

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