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Burning old piles of grassSince we purchased Kalnozoli 1 in August of this year Ian has spent most of his time redeeming the land. Above he is tending one of several brush fires at the edge of our wood. Just beyond these fires is a deep drainage ditch and all the rubbish from digging and clearing out the ditch in years past has been left to molder. Ian has made great headway in clearing this rubbish that includes piles of matted grass and some rotted logs. He says it brings job satisfaction to see one more area of the farm cleared. If only we had marshmellows, graham crackers and hershey bars, LOL! Smores, anyone?

At the other end of the property we had this project thrust upon us.Everyone grab a shovel! Yes we ordered the gravel but it was a project we hadn’t planned on just yet, but the rains came and Ian got stuck twice or was it thrice?NOT a water featureCan you see those water-filled ruts? With the help of Lauris and Kaspars we managed about half of it spread on Friday. Even I hefted a shovel for a couple of hours. Where is the road grader when you need it? That pile may not look like much but it is 10 tons and by the time we put on 20 more tons we may have a fairly decent drive. For those who know about such things yes, we should have graded it first laid down sand and then the gravel but NEEDS MUST!!! Finances are always an issue as well. And everyone said “AMEN!!!”

We have had warmer weather though and such a blessing, but not the rain. Above zero C every night and even into the 10’s and 15’s that is 50 F for you dear foreigners. Running our electric heaters has been a bit spending keeping  Jack Frost from our mobile home door so this break is really encouraging.

Well it is a short one this week no more time left to type or stay on internet.

Tuesday October 27th. Here is an update: about the middle of November we should have internet down on the farm yippppeeeee!!!! Our wonderful, English speaking computer guy, just met us at the flat and we made the arrangements. Next step, get the washing machine moved down and the freezer. Still no movement on the hot water heater, so prayers are appreciated.


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