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October 2009 First snowOctober— golden, red and falling leaves right? Sometimes it also means snow. Yes, we had our first snow of the Autumn at Kalnozoli 1 this past week. It was blizzard conditions and then it passed and the following days have been lovely again. This woman was on her knees when the flakes started. Ian was trying to help our neighbours finish our pump house before the really bad weather arrived and the snow was a real fright for us.Pump house under construction But God . . . heard our pleas and the snow was gone. Our little pump house is finished and the pump is installed and we have running water in our mobile home. I am learning daily thankfulness for what used to be just the ordinary things of life.

Running water Oct 09

Following the completion of the pump house came more digging of ditches. Pipes must be insulated and buried deep, over a meter to be kept from freezing. At times I think Ian wondered if he would ever get the trench dug deep enough from the well to the pump house. Now he is on the home stretch of the trench from the pump house to the mobile home. Next Spring in the warm will be the trench from the pump house to the timber farm house. Currnently the insulated pipe is above ground but should be in the trench by tomorrow as we pray for good weather to remain.Ian digging trench from pump house to mobile home We invested in some insulated waterproof overalls for Ian this past week and he has been ever so thankful to have them with the cold and wet weather. He is so amazing to be so active and glad to be able to do all that he is doing. Don’t worry friends he takes it slow and steady and even allows me to call for coffee breaks but not for long, “I must get on” is his mantra. LOL! We have been enjoying lots of hot stew from the crock pot on these cold days and I have even ventured a bit of baking to make the guys coffee breaks a bit nicer. Trouble is I rarely have all the ingredients called for so they take “pot luck.”Lauris removing old shingle roof from small timber buildingHere is Lauris our neighbour, friend and builder removing ‘shingles’ from a timber outbuilding. The plan is to use it for tool storage and workshop. He is young and agile and better able to scamper over the roof pulling off the shingles and removing the thousands of nails used to put them on orignally. Ian started the job but when his ladder slipped suddenly we both felt it was a job for the younger ones.Timber outbuilding with sheeted roof

Here is the building currently sheeted for the winter. Now the interior work can be done and the roof finished in better weather in the Spring.

We are both doing well and enjoying life so much on our farm. We go to bed early and rise early and enjoy all that each day brings, for the most part. It is so much of an adventure, walking this path with our Lord. It is hard to express the richness of each day and each task that is joyfully seen to completion. Remember, its never too late for dreams to come true.


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  1. The last line brought tears to my eyes! Papa is good!

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