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Full sized Lincoln LogsWhen I was a little girl and even when my children were small, we had a toy building set called ‘Lincoln Logs.’  Each log was notched on either end and with different sized pieces you put together buildings of varying descriptions.

The logs you see in the picture above are NOT toys but notched logs from a tumbled down building on our farm. They are layed out in the order they were to be used to build our pump house. Our neighbour Lauris is skilled in timber structures (side note: Timber Structures was the name of the company my Dad worked for for over 25 years in Portland) and he is building the pump house for us. It is so interesting to watch him work, especially as I can sit in the warm house, drink tea and see it all happening out my dining room window.Lauris placing moss between the logs for insulation On the right you can see Lauris placing moss between the logs, Latvian insulation. Ian has taken the young men, Lauris and Kaspars to the woods on two occasions to gather moss for this purpose. The first time they also picked bear, chicken and one other type of mushroom. That night we enjoyed omlettes with fresh eggs, homemade cheese and bear mushrooms, oh, and freshly picked onions, whipped up with fresh cream, chased down with a lovely red wine. Ah, the ‘good life.’

Back to the building project — our pump house. Pump house in processHere is the South wall done, showing the space for the door facing east. You can also see the first picking of moss placed between each layer of log. Ian got his hand into it and is enjoying learning Latvian timber building, another skill for his overloaded CV, LOL. When we left home this morning for Ergli the North wall was finished including space for a window and the East wall was also up but both need the moss that the guys got in the wood yesterday. Tomorrow the roof will begin. So more pictures to follow of the finished project. All this to be followed by more trenches and pipes laid to bring running water to the mobile home. Pipes must be thoroughly insulated and put about a meter and half down in the ground to prevent freezing, one hopes. We need to further winter proof the mobile home but are held up with the pipework needing to be done underneath, ah the ‘good life?’ With all the work Ian has been doing his waist has gone from 44 to 36 inches since we moved here in March. He feels much better and loves working each day and feeling work satisfaction at the end of the day. I am really happy in our mobile home, easy to keep tidy and clean and hopefully Internet soon to be added. My next project is curtains for the back door, our main entrance, and one over the toilet window and bathroom window. We bought some nice weight green material yesterday in Madona so this week is ‘curtains.’ This will be a hand job and very simple, something I can do sitting on my green couch in front of the fire. The curtains should add to the warmth and winterizing the ‘tin can’ we currently live in. This past week I picked up a lovely bright rag rug for the hallway and we already feel the difference in the temp there with the rug down. Now here is what I love about Latvia, I bought it at the local building merchants, on sale for 4.20 Ls. I love the shops because you never know what might be tucked up in some corner just waiting for you to discover it.

So with all the building and winterizing what is God teaching us these days. People are more important than projects. We need to get this pump house done but it is more important to build relationships than get jobs done and usually both happen but there is less frustration when the focus is on people. We had this pointed up to us recently when we went to a big chain store in a nearby town. I won’t go into detail but after spending a fair amount on equipment and things a simple act of changing a till roll left us without one of our items on the copy we were handed and after going to customer service for the gaurantee on one item it was discovered the item wasn’t on our receipt. This led to about a half hour hassel through translation which ended in Ian, Lauris and Kaspars being allowed to leave with the cart and all items but not before Ian suggested he return all the items and get his money back. It was Ian that told them to go and check the till copy which they did and gave him a copy of that till receipt. Only when we got home did he realize the item in question showed up on the till copy and that is why they let them go ahead. No ‘sorry’s’ were said and no fault admitted. It is doubtful we will return to that store, a shame as it is the closest one for us. Their concern was for their proceedures not customer relationships. We have been enjoying our times together in God’s word each morning along with prayer time to build that relationship as a priority. Once or twice the day has got on top of us and the quiet time pushed aside and often the result has been painful as our relationship with God wasn’t where it needed to be, though He remained faithful we weren’t aware of Him as at other times of coming fresh from meeting with Him. As we move into this new phase of our lives here in Latvia, time with Him becomes more crucial everyday so that we hear the voice of our Shepherd and walk in the path he has chosen for us.

A few days ago I said to Ian, “If we don’t get the bulbs planted in the bed you prepared it will be too late.” I felt the Shepherd prompting me. Ian agreed and so, near the chapel where Ian had rotivated a flower bed in the form of a cross, we planted about 150 Spring bulbs.Cross Spring bulb bed We planted them in compost covered by thorougly rotted dung and covered over that with the dirt taken out of the bed itself. I believe what Alan Titmarch always says, “Plant ’em deep!!” The hay mixed in with the dung will keep them toasty until Spring. We hope to show you glorious pictures of flowers  as Spring takes hold. The cross shape is outlined with crocus bulbs so that should appear first then other Spring beauties to follow. As Ian was digging out the dirt, actually wet mud, from the bed he asked the Lord to keep it dry and send wind to help dry the dirt. Such a wind from the South began to blow and not a drop of rain fell until it was all filled in and the tools put away. This is not always the case but I felt my Father’s compassion as I am not a very good all weather gardener. Even though Ian did most of the labour I stayed out there with him and we finished the project holding hands and blessing the planting for a ‘fruitful harvest’ come Spring. Ian also staked each end of the cross so any mowing will not harm the plants coming up. My role was mostly design and overseeing the placing of the bulbs, and so we wait to see succesive years of Spring beauty near our chapel, in the form of a cross, the sign of hope in the season of hope.


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  1. Ooooooo…I can’t WAIT to see that bed in bloom! Loved reading about all the projects…sorry about the store experience…bummer!
    You are loved!

  2. PRAISE GOD A’int life grand when you trust Him
    Love from us both.

    Roger and Val
  3. Well darlin–who would have ever thunk it? Looks beautiful for sure,and praise the Lord for the help. Is the plan to move completely to the farm I am taking it? Or to have the flat and the farm?
    You ask the Lord to unfold, and KABAM, He unfolds.
    Blessings, more later, I love the bulbs cross–it is so you! xoxoKaty
    Love to you too Ian! Can you believe it?

    • Katy I am so sorry it took me so long to reply to your lovely comment, but now we are back on the internet down on the farm it shouldn’t happen again. Yep, we are movin’ on down to the farm as soon as the ground freezes so we can get the trailer to our barn to unload and store our stuff. It is now the 23 of November and the weather remains mild in the 40’s with much rain and totally saturated ground. We will give up the flat in Ergli whenever the weather turns and we can get our stuff down here. Meanwhile life is comfy in our mobile home.


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