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Tessie the T25 tractorHere is our newest adoptee, Tessie the T25 tractor with Ian putting her through her paces on our farm. We travelled down near the Lithuanian border for Tessie, her plow, cutter and harrow. She is a lovely little pop pop tractor but she does need some work as most 39-year-old tractors do. One neighbour commented she should be in a museum but Ian really identifies with her and is looking forward to putting her non existent wiring back in place as currently he has to jump start her with the car each time he takes her out for a spin. Yesterday we discovered her PTO shaft for the grass cutter is the wrong size so that will be something more to put to rights or maybe  better to save it for spares and pickup another cutter for a reasonable amount. I helped Ian, like a good farm wife should, to get the mower on the tractor a matter of lifting and fitting rods into specific holes and having the right pin to drop in before the rod slid out, oh what fun!!! I will share more redemption stories as they happen.Molly our mobile homeMolly from the front

Here as promised are pictures of Molly our mobile home with her new canopy added for style and grace to give a measure of dryness to the entry door. The picture on the right is taken facing her lovely windows from which we enjoy the sunset each evening. Even on rainy days there is usually a sunset often quite spectacular. Then we light the candles and enjoy our electricity free lifestyle. Hopefully, tomorrow we will take the next step in bringing electricity to our comfortable home when we register with the electric company. Then we wait for them to come and put up a meter and fuse box and our friend Calle to do his magic bit with cables and such. The big thing is making certain they wire in the 3 phase power as that is a must on the farm. Don’t ask me to explain it I just know we need it, LOL.

Having posted this yesterday I realized, in the night, that one of the redemptive stories needing to be told was of Tilly our utility trailer. A couple of weeks ago we travelled to Cesis to look at and hopefully buy a double axel covered trailer. She looked good to us and so we watched her go through road inspection, pass, bought her, hooked up and drove home. She handled very well on improved and unimproved roads. That week we loaded her with several things for the farm and took them down, she did very well. We then planned to take her on our journey for the tractor as she was listed as being capable of the weight. Having agreed on Tessie’s the T25’s price the loading of impliments went well but as she was being driven into Tilly the trailer the farmer caught the corner of the trailer with one of the attachments and broke it and that part of the floor. This meant we could not safely carry Tessie the tractor. The farmer said he would deliver the tractor on his flatbed trailer the next day. This meant we had to cancel our proposed visit to our friends Val and Roger and rush back home with a strapped up Tilly the trailer. On our journey back home we received a call from the farmer’s son saying he was delivering the tractor that night and would be about an hour behind us so on we sped. As we were on the infamous A12 headed for our turn off onto the P84 we had a call from the non-English speaking famer to say he was in Jekapils so he was about 3/4 of an hour behind us. We hoped he would make to the P84 turn off where we waited for him. I referred to the infamous A12 as we had this same meeting agreement with those who delivered our mobile home but in their wisdom they choose to take the P62 and with much consternation they finally got rerouted to the P84 so where we going to go through the same thing again? But NO, our farmer arrived at the P84 after midnight and on we travelled together to Kalnozoli 1, our dear little farm. We pulled into our front field and turned round with Tilly safely attached so our headlights could facilitate unloading Tessie. All was done with ease and we waved the farmer off on his over 4 hour journey home. Next morning Ian joyfully goes out to start up Tessie the T25 and as he is driving her round to the farm yard he sees a wheel laying in the grass and thinks, “Oh no, the farmer has left his spare trailer wheel behind. Then he drives pass Tilly the trailer and sees it is SHE who is missing a wheel. Ian realized that God had indeed protected us on our journey and perhaps angels were involved holding that wheel on until we arrived in our own field. We both praised the Lord and expressed great thanks for the completed journey. So Tilly the trailer needs much work toward her full redemption. She is sitting in the farm yard with her wheel arch broken and the bearings on the stud axel missing with her axel exposed ready to repair, we hope. But each time I look at her I praise the Lord for his protection and pray for the way forward to restoring Tilly again.

Tomorrow we  have the deeds registered in the land book and that is important, hopefully they can give us precise measurements of our boundaries as Ian is purposed to get boundary fences up so we can bring sheep on to our pastures. Our neighbours use light moveable fencing for their cows and they would be helped immensely to have permanent fencing at least on one side. We will put in a gate on their side so we all have access.011

Here is Beka, Ian, Kaspars and Lauris. Yes, Beka is an abandoned fawn who adopted this family when another brother, Andris, found it in the wood. Beka is a type of mushroom and the colour of the fawn so it all fit together nicely. It thinks Andris is its mother but it sticks close to all the boys.

After petting her Ian said the scripture that came immediately to mind was, Ps 42:1, As the deer pants after the water so my souls pants after you, O Lord. Beka

I could only take her picture but I couldn’t get close enough to pet her, maybe another time.  Our adopted sometime dog, Meggis thought she was quite interesting also. Meggis continues to come over every morning and then spends most of the day following us about to see what we are up to. He is very affectionate and funny to watch. He has decided that empty Pepsi bottles set out to fill with well water are good play things and goes after them with great gusto.Meggis and Beka

His first attempt he tried a full one and got a bit of a surprise when he got squirted after a particularly forceful bite of the bottle. Now he drags one off by the neck and throws it about to make certain it is empty. Ian filled an old tin tub with well water and I am so tempted to put Meggis in for a good scrub but he is not ours and wouldn’t want to cause an offense. He is a real mop haired darling. Even Ian gives him a playful pat or two during the day. When I am in the mobile home he sits at the door, usually on the step, right in the way, waiting for me to come back out. At night when he knows we have gone in and called it a day he trots on back to his real home across the road.

Ian has been so busy clearing out more weeds, tree limbs and even buildings that needed to come down.Ian winching down part of a building Our neighbour Kaspars has been a faithful, willing helper and worked two full busy days helping Ian with various projects moving us further along than we could have imagined.Old timber workshop The picture on the right is of a tumbled down timber workshop that Ian and Kaspars cleared out and have begun dismantling saving any good bits for further construction. Redemption work sometimes means tearing down the ravages of time in preparation for the new build.

Another site we saw this past week was another bit from the past. Our neighbour Kaspars working with his horse and wagon gathering sacks of potatoes.Horse and cart at work

015I have begun a daily visit to the horse who is staked out in our field, giving him one or two apples a day. He loves them and when ever he sees me out side he tosses his head as if to say, “Where are my apples?” Ah life down on the farm. It feels more like home every day and we find it very difficult to leave it for any length of time. With scenes like these, is it any wonder?

A typical sunset at Kalnozoli


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4 responses to “Themes: Adoption and Redemption

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  1. Wonderful just wonderful, Is’nt God so good to us,
    LOL . Tractor looks terific, perhaps one day I can have a drive.!!!!!!!!

    Roger and Val
    • Absolutely, when can you come on down to the farm? We still have some tea bags for you and I need my letter holder, LOL.

  2. I just LOVE all the pictures! And hearing the happiness in your “voice”. God is good!

    • Yes, we are both so happy on our farm and watching God reveal His plans for us there. Glad you like the pics I have fun taking and displaying them.


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