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A corner of our lounge, taken when we viewed the mobile homeYes we have a mobile home on site at the farm and we have been there this past weekend, rain and all, it was soooooooo lovely. The peace is penetrating and the views are so inspiring. We work and we laugh. It was fun to set up our little second home, a home with no rennovation dust and every room complete. We are just adding our personal touches here and there. The pictures are ones we took when we chose the home at the dealers, our camera has hidden itself away in all the toing and froing.

We received word on Friday that the home was to be delivered that afternoon. The last 2 times the vehicle bringing it broke down so we said of course we can be there, dropped cleaning this place threw some things together and hit the road. Our dear friend Santa had communicated clearly that we would meet the driver on the turn off to the P84 with a British flag attached to the top of our car. He phoned Santa when he was leaving Jekapils headed our way and we went to the appointed meeting place, and we waited and waited. Santa rang frantically saying he had turned and not seen us. We knew immediately he was on the wrong road several phone calls later we met him on the A12 from Jekapils and flag waving we lead him and his pilot car with flashing lights and our hazard lights blazing down the A12 to the P84 then down our road to Kalnozoli. All the time the big question was, will he drive into our track known as our driveway? Basically it is a field and he is a semi with a mobile home on a long trailer. He did and then came the point when as a wife I debated whether to hold my tongue or not.

There was a big problem. The lady at the dealer’s said they would load the mobile home back to front and Ian had prepared the site accordingly and he directed the driver to swing the trailer around to unload the home front first, only problem was they hadn’t loaded it thus. In his frantic concern Ian hadn’t noticed the change, I had. But he usually is so on top of things I didn’t want to point out the obvious and thought he probably knew something I didn’t so I kept quiet. Meanwhile the vehicle got stuck so the second part of the show began. Our neighbour Uldis had come over to see if he could help and immediately suggested getting our other neighbour, Leonidis to bring his tractor which he did.  They unloaded the mobile home, with many scary twistings and bumbs, the tractor pulled the lorry (truck) out after several broken towing ropes and our mobile home was on the farm.

But wait, the saga is not over yet. The mobile home is sitting in the field a ways from its assigned site and Ian was certain he could move it with the Land Rover. I was never convinced of this but again remained quiet. Several attempts later Leonidis hooked onto the Land Rover and pulled (again with some very scary twists of mobile home and Land Rover) them both to the right site if not exactly where planned. A big sigh of relief went up by all.

Next came the placing of blocks and attempts at leveling while I unloaded the car and placed just inside the doors of back hallway and lounge, all the must haves to spend the weekend on the farm. Eventually, we stepped into our new home and I began to domesticate the place. That evening we opened a bottle of wine purchased for the occassion and toasted our first night to stay on the farm. Followed by a gourmet meal of meat and cheese sandwhiches. The next night we splurged and had beans on fried bread by candle light of course. Did I mention we have no electricity yet but we do have a gas cooker top and heater. Also no running water but the good news is we had the pump on the well working and we have beautiful clear well water, howevere we stick to bottled water to drink.Lounge with setee and love seatDining area Here are pictures of our lounge and dining area. The first thinkgI did in the domestication process is loose the nets. Hopefully in the near future we will find our misplaced camera and I can take some pictures of the peaceful pastoral scenes out our windows.

As we have been enjoying the weekend we have been enveloped in the peace of our landscape and location. Ian has set himself the discipline of strimming for an half an hour before breakfast so that he can see daily progress in the vast job of tidying our fields. Also this is preparation preceding the fields being cut when we find the right tractor at the right price. All these chores and projects are being undertaken at our own pace and for those of you who know Ian that is decidedly slower than his normal intensity. Though I did need to have stern words with him this morning as he was strimming for an hour way out of hollering range. LOL

Not certain when I will post again as we are headed back down to the farm. There is such peace in that phrase.


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  1. Love the new look, keep up the great work the number of visitors must have increased?.

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