The Praises Go Up, The Blessings Come Down   1 comment

Running Water!!!Blessings from yesterday, running water on the farm!!!! Now the work begins to get a proper sized pump and pipe in the ground. Also notice the colour of the leaves, yes autumn has begun its forward march and to celebrate the arrival of water from our well the rains came a little later in the afternoon.

I had hoped to do laundry today but the grey skies tell me no, not today. After 2 weeks of ceiling work in our flat and little laundry time we are running short of clean clothes. Hopefully, tomorrow they should be donewith the ceilings. We need to vacuum every wall, every surface, every item and return every room to a liveable place. Did I mention wash every window? LOL, but we have ceilings!!!!!

If you follow this blog you might have been expecting to see pictures of our ‘English House’, mobile home to non-Latvians. On Thursday we received the disappointing news that the vehicle used to deliver the homes had broken down. So we are still waiting to stay our first night at the farm. Also, the expected electric pole was not installed but we believe God is in charge of timing and it will all come together well in the end. We hope ‘the end’ is this week, LOL.

So what’s been happening on the farm this week: LOTS! On Wednesday we prepared the way for the electics by removing a dangerous tree that had grown up against the house.

Too close for comfortThis is Uldis, our neighbour up the tree hooking the wire cable around it for removal. A lovely old oak who had become rotten at the core and whose main branches were over the roof waiting for a good storm to send it crashing into the house. Helping Uldis is our ‘adopted grandson’ Kaspars. When judging the situation about cutting down the tree Uldis decreed, ‘too dangerous’ and said a tractor was needed. So Leonids was summoned and he came dragging his cable on the ground behind his blue tractor. Leonids' tractor, our near neighbour A side note on Friday he paid us a visit and we got to know him a little better. He came to offer his services for any tractor work we might need. We are feeling very accepted in our farm neighbourhood. Here is another picture as the tree is falling toward me and our car, don’t worry neither of us will be damaged.TIMBER!!!! I couldn’t get a side angle on the falling oak without putting myself in harms way so gave up the exciting shot for the sensible one. However, I should have shot it about 1 second later to really show the fall, ah well, live and learn. The shutter clicked at the sound of the loud CRACK as she went down.

THE TREE FELLING TRIOHere is our Trio of Tree Fellers LOL, Leonids, Uldis and Kaspars. When asked if they would pose for the picture they remarked, “is it for a family portrait?” Love the Latvian sense of humour.

There was a great sense of satisfaction to have the tree safely down. Apparently, it has been a concern for some years. The two concrete slabs in the foreground are where the back, corner stabilizer jacks will sit supporting the ‘English House.” So, you can see another reason to get the tree down before the mobile home arrives.Here is Ian being a real 'cut up'

Next came the cutting up party with Ian and Uldis each manning their chain saws and Kaspars stacking the wood.

The house sees the lightIt was amazing how the house looked with all the light flooding in after the tree had been removed.  The guys spent the afternoon sawing and stacking away with water breaks when I MADE them stop. After a year of drying that oak will be wonderful fire wood, the best. Ian, looking at its rings, reckoned it to be about 50 years old. Young for an oak of that size. It seems the porch was added when the tree was quite young and as happens, it was paid no mind as it grew to endanger the house.We have decided to use some of the wood slabs as steps for our mobile home. Ian calls it going back to nature, lol. Here are the mighty sawyers, Uldis, Kaspars and Ian, with the twigs on the left and the wood on the right. I need to get down there and rake up the middle so we have a clear path between the house and the track known as our drive.

That large piece in front of Kaspars will be cut and used to make a sign to put out next to the road with the farm’s name in Latvian and English. “KALNOZOLI 1” & “Oakhill 1.” This is a common practice here in Latvia. It also denotes the address of the farm.

Thrree pretty petunias in a panYesterday, I added my own touch to the downed oak. Even though it is late in the season I saw these petunias and thought how nice they would look in this pan I found in the farmhouse, sitting just here on the oak stump. It is the first thing you see as you walk toward the house from our track/drive. Ian indulged me. I intend to paint the pan green as green will be our feature colour around the place,  hoping to have a new green roof before the snow flies. Those who know me well will not be surprised that I introduced flowers so quickly to our farm. In addition to the petunias I bought, at a bargain price, a fuschia tree to place on the porch of the chapel. The photographer slipped into a hole as the shutter went, lol.

Blooms for the chapel Hence, the crooked picture. You might think me daft for such a gesture but I really wanted to do honour to the little chapel who has weathered so many storms and survived a threat to burn it. Also, honour to the man who built it and our God who protected it. As the season ends I will plant it near the chapel, hoping it too will revive in the Spring/Summer.

Another event centred at the farm was the sad day on Friday when Kaspars left his aunt’s, Janina’s, across from our farm. He spends his summers there and we have so enjoyed his company these few weeks that we have had the farm. Soon after we pull in the drive and get unloaded he comes quietly over asking how he can help us. His English is coming on leaps and bounds and to say thank you we gave him a good English/Latvian dictionary which he told Ian he wanted when we showed him ours. He only put it down when we got out of the car for pictures in Lubana.

Also to our delight he asked for a ride up to the road leading to Lubana where he lives. We said, “NO” we will take you to your home. He was embarrassed but finally agreed. On the way he said he almost cries when he has to leave his aunt’s farm. He loves the farm life so and probably misses the outdoors as he returns to a flat in town.

As we were approaching Lubana some 16 kilometres from the main road, the distance Kaspars would have walked if we let him, his mother rang his mobile and invited us to meet at a local cafe for refreshment. We met her and we shared a lovely meal together with Kaspars interpreting, very well, I might add. She wants me to hurry up and learn Latvian so we can talk face to face on our own, she asked if we could be good friends and of course I said yes.Ian, Inga & KasparsInga, Kaspars & Farm Woman So here you see us on the steps of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lubana. On the left, Ian, Inga & Kaspars. On the right, Inga, Kaspars & Farm Woman.

She is young enough to be our daughter so we have unofficially adopted them and look forward to a growing relationship.

Here is the lovely Evangelical Lutheran Church building. Lubana Evangelical Lutheran Church buildingWe will visit one Sunday for their 10 AM service. We will defffinately return to Lubana to visit the Ripinska family.

In addition to Kaspars there is another son, younger whom we have not met but who posted those fake properties for sale that led us to our wonderful farm. Another adopted member of our farm family is Meggis, Janina’s darling dog who comes to see us even without Kaspars now that he has returned home.

Master MeggisThis is Meggis, he has gone straight to our hearts and seems to enjoy being with us. He follows me around and yes I have given him tidbits now and again. He is so lovely, such a sweet nature and so bloom’n cute. He does not, however, like Friskies treats for dogs. At first when I offered him one I thought they might be too hard but even after crushing them he wasn’t interested. The soft chew type treats did meet his approval so we are onto a winner there. I long to bathe and brush him but I need to have Kaspars there so I can ask permission of Janina. Kaspars jokes and says Meggis belongs to us now. Janina also has about 6 cats that Kaspars offered to us as I mentioned wanting one. I don’t know if Janina has been told of this offer. She has however offered us milk and any other help we might need. Such lovely neighbours. She has beautiful flowers and I hope to ask her advice about what grows well in the area. Yes, for those who are wondering I will be planting roses but probably not until next Spring as soon as the snow goes and they arrive in the shops.

This week at the farm hopefully our mobile home will arrive along with the electic people so we will bring a touch of the modern world to Kalnozoli 1. Though having said that they did have electricity in the house, barn and even TV. Now to add internet, running water and indoor plumbing. LOL such fun we are having.

We continue to pray in resources to refurbish the chapel. Please pray with us for God’s provision.Original picture of Kalnozoli Chapel You see on the right an original picture of Kalnozoli Chapel with its steeple.

Come back next week and see if we have our ‘English House’ and electricity.

Kalnozoli Chapel


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