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Ian Langridge, Farmer of HappinessThe smile on Ian’s face is genuine we are loving work on our farm. He is dressed in his bright blue overalls with a belt as he has lost from a 44 waist down to a 38 waist. My work stamina is not as great as his so my loss is less but none-the-less there is a bit of loss in weight for me too. We continue to go to the farm at every opportunity and we often take breaks during our work to just sit an enjoy. We spent yesterday there preparing for the arrival of our “English House” (mobile home) on Friday. Our new friend Kaspars came and helped us. We really enjoy having him around and he seems to enjoy practicing his English with us. He insists on mucking in with the work and just waits to be told what we need doing.  He told us yesterday he loves helping us and he is a very good worker. We know from his Mum that he hoped to be able to have the farm as he really loves farming yet he seems happy that we have it because he can see we mean to restore it.

Kaspars is a bit shy so I haven’t forced him to have his picture taken, yet, LOL. But here is my favourite piro tending what is becoming a permanent fixture at our working days, the bonfire.Ian's expertise at the bonfire We are really making headway at clearing out the house from stacks of old clothes and other rubbish. Yesterday Kaspars and Ian carried out a rather ‘nice’ tin bath full of things that went on the fire, that plus all the twigs and small branches Ian cut from the apple trees bordering the area where the mobile home will be sited. We have learned that Kaspars has experience with both the strimmer and the chain saw and is eager to help us bring order to our ‘jungle,’ though the fruit trees will have to wait until after the season. Anyone want to open an applesauce shop with me? LOL

I will just mention another dear little friend we have acquired, Meggis. Meggis is a sort of long haired floppy-eared little, darling dog.  He comes with Kaspars and has accepted us as being part of the farm. His larger companion has not, however and tells us in no uncertain terms and remains totally aloof as all good guard dogs should. Yesterday, I endeared myself to Meggis by feeding him a few ‘Ritz’ type crackers he then stuck to me like glue. Will it last? We will see next time we go to the farm and I will definitely take a picture to post for next weeks blog.

Our life now centers around hunting for things like a tractor, a large utility trailer suitable for car and tractor, impliments for the tractor, fencing and dreaming about sheep, hahaha. What of the house you ask? I see by your question you are not a farmer. When the pioneers arrived in Oregon they did not first build their houses, oh no! The barn and concerns for crops and animals came first. English farmer – – no different. Though to be fair we have got our ‘English House’ coming Friday with its fake French provincial bedroom decor. So he has not ignored this creature’s comforts, or his own, LOL. We may even be able to boil a kettle before the week has ended as the electrics should be positioned for hook up this week, we learned today. Our friend and electrician/plumber Kalle is going to be on hand Friday for the big ‘English House’ installation so here is hoping all things will dove-tail together. Ian is quite capable but it is an extra blessing to have a second expert opininon on things like electrics and such. We have a gas cylinder at the ready to hook up for the cooker top so cooking may actually be an option. There is a microwave in the mobile home and an electric oven so we will have the standard options for heat, re-heat and potential cooking options.

What of the chapel? Ian strimmed around it yesterday and one day last week I pulled the weeds from the porch at the front of the chapel.  We continue to make plans about the restoration, keeping it a priority. Oakhill ChapelThis picture is pre-strimming but post weed pulling. We continue to trust God for the resources and wisdom needed for the restoration. The first thing we must do is lift it on the side where it has slipped its foundation, the right side as you face the chapel. Then we can open the wedged door and actually go inside, we hope. We plan to move it forward a bit so it is more prominent, giving easier access to the orchard behind it. The area around and to the right will become a lawn and lots of flowers with eventually a water feature and some swings for all who would enjoy. Swings are a big thing here in Latvia, not just for children. I like that. I envision a large swing set made of logs like several I have seen here, out and about. We will also be putting a definite path from the road to the chapel hopefully encouraging people to stop and pray awhile or just rest in the peace and quiet. No, the swing set will not be too near the chapel, LOL. A line from the film “Field of Dreams,”  “If you build it, they will come” for the peace that passes all understanding from meeting with our Prince of Peace.


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  1. Such good news, I love hearing about it! Though, I’m at a complete loss to know what strimming is…off to the dictionary I go! 🙂

    • Did you find strimming in your dictionary? If not it is cutting weeds and grass with an impliment called a strimmer or perhaps known to you as a weed wacker?

  2. Life is wonderful , isn’t it. and what gifts we are given,

    can’t wait to visit you both and to see all “in person”,
    love to you both xx

    Roger and Val
  3. Hard work always leads to happy life. Nice blog. Keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂

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